Monday, December 28, 2009

quick lookie at lime crime

Just wanted to do a quick post to show my latest makeup acquisition.
I didn't realize until just now that I probably should have taken pictures of the actual products as well as the color demos I took. And maybe some swatches too. Oh well, if people really want those pictures, I guess they will ask. I'm obviously not that great at blogging yet. Anyways....

I recently purchased a lipstick and eyeshadow from Lime Crime

Cosmopop lipstick

Twilight 'Magic Dust' eyeshadow

I had gotten a lipstick and eyeshadow from them previously and was rather impressed with the lipstick's color and longivity and the vibrancy of the eyeshadow. Again, I am impressed with how well the colors look on my skin as well as their vibrancy and dimension. The twilight color is really nice. In the pot it kinda looks like a medium sparkly blue-gray but on the skin it is a pretty blueish-purple with a pinkish sheen. I know my pictures aren't the best at all and really don't show it off like it deserves but it does give a good idea of the shade.

The last color of lipstick I got from them (Great Pink Planet) was so nice looking that I decided on another, so I chose Cosmopop. Cosmopop lipstick is a nice creamy orange, unlike any color I usually wear. I applied it very lightly and even with a light hand, it still shows up very bright. I really like how comfortable the color wears. My lips don't feel dry and the color really sticks. I really like these and I think in the future I'm gonna go ballsy and get the blue lipstick they make. Now that one is surely unique!

I can say that I am definitely a fan of these cosmetics. Unfortunately there is a rumor of the owner not actually making the cosmetics but rather just repackaging then selling. I can't say I do or don't believe about that rumor but I can say that I do believe in making decisions for yourself and not based on what a certain group of people say. Now, I'm not saying this in regards to anyone, I'm just saying do what you feel you want to do. Be an individual, be yourself.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and here's to a wonderful new year! Love!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I decided to bake

The recipe started as a simple spritz cookie recipe, calling for almond extract as the main flavor. But being that I am who I am and the current supply of almond extract (being none) I couldn't settle for this recipe. Instead of almond I used banana and a splash of Capt Morgan. Yum!
Then when came time to shape them, I couldn't resist making penises. It is just more fun that way. Best part was watching my husband eat a penis cookie.

things that make me want to go 'bleeeeh!'

First off: mood swings/crazy meltdowns. I'll go into this further in a different post.

Second: F*ing SNOW! So much snow that it makes travel extremely hazardous/impossible and makes me miss work. It is one thing to remove a few inches off my car and just drive over it but quite another when I have a pile up to my waist and no shovel. Plus the fact that I live in a townhouse apartment with no land of our own to maintain really makes you think, 'maybe I should buy a shovel to keep in the shed out back for just in case.' But wait, you don't have a shed or any sort of outdoor storage not to mention the lack of storage you have in your home.

Third: My husband has a bug up his ass that is making him clean/organize like a crazy person. I shouldn't bitch and just enjoy it. This happens almost never.

And I just found out that one of my favorite actresses just died. :(

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

quickie, not much here

Princess cake!!!! very much my current love. I had my husband pick me up one from ikea when he went last. I never had it before but very much so wanted to try it. Not only is it delish, it is not too sweet. I really really like it. Now I want a pink one.

Below is my latest attempt at acrylic set on myself. The husband says I am getting better. I still feel very much right-handed. Not bad but not best. They will do for now. **sorry for the crappy picture quality**

Me being stupid with my glasses.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I've been busy/lazy

Busy type crap that keeps me away from the computer:

work, making gifts, cleaning, cooking, visiting with family, running errands, sleeping, playing with my son, playing with Perry (kitty), making things for swaps, etc - the list goes on

and then there is laziness. The thing that makes me lay on the couch, watch movies and a general motionlessness that feels so good. It probably doesn't help that everyone in my house has some sort of illness plaguing us. Mine started out kinda bad, went to really bad and is back to not so bad. My son has an ear infection, he's already gone through 2 different types of medication for it and I have a feeling we should do again what we did last year, wait the shit out. Of course I am gonna give him nice vapor baths, rub some baby vicks on his chest before bed and give him a regular boogey-snatching but I am not gonna drag him to the doctor every week just to have a specialist to roll his eyes and tell me to wait it out. I'm just gonna skip the 100 plus dollars in doctor fees this year. Call me a bad parent if you want but as long as his behavior is fine and he isn't acting like he is dying, I'm gonna hold off a little on calling his doctor.

This morning my son wanted me to put on a princess movie. We don't have any other than Swan Princess on netflix and he doesn't like Swan Princess. He likes Belle and Cinderella and I think he is also taking an interest in the new Princess and the Frog. This just shows that he spends a lot of time around females. He even found a skirt of mine that he proceeded to put on and dance around the house in. Nice.

During my last trip to Micheal's, I stumbled upon the Martha Stewart section. I can't say I am a huge fan but I did see a ton of stuff I would love to use in some upcoming projects. The top of the that wish list is the set of glitter that is $20. I know $20 for glitter is a bit much buuuuuuuuut its so PRETTY!! I love glitter and sparkles and yeah, inside my head is a constant parade of care bears and rainbows so a def sure fire into my heart is glitter. AND I have a 40% off coupon.... maybe I should get the glitter.

Moving on....

I finally gave in to the temptation that is And I made a pretty based around a dress that I really really want.

Like I said, I like sparkles.

Super happy update: my skin is clearing up a little!!!
The reason: tried a product from cellnique's b-liv line called 'off with those heads' and 'squeaky clean' . Since then my skin has been getting clearer and brighter every day. Yay! I hope they keep it up, most products tend to do awesome on me for maybe a week up to a month and then my skin will go to shit out of nowhere and not get better ever again until I try something new, but not just anything new. Some products make me break out right away and some do after a couple of tries. Once a month has passed, then I will be able to better gauge how well b-liv by cellnique does for my skin.

Last week I was watching Attack of the Show with my husband and this little gem emerged

Oh yeah, talk nerdy to me.

And on that note, everyone have a lovely week and a merry holiday!! Love!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

magic in the makeup

It really amazes me how much makeup can change the way I look. Without it, I almost look like a pimply 14 year old boy. With it on, a pimply 18 year old girl.

nice, right?
Usually I am pretty good or mediocre at applying makeup and/or lashes but yesterday when I did this look, my hands wouldn't work well with my brain. I ended up smudging some of the liner, not getting smooth straight lines and I couldn't get my lashes on to save my life.

My lash failure

See my f*ing acne? I hate my skin. I've just tried to relax and ignore it but the bumps are painful to the touch so ignoring them isn't a good option. I am open to any suggestions if anyone has any.

Just camera-whoring it up!
I bought that little dress thing a couple of years ago and never really wore it. The bolero that came with it makes the whole thing look cheap so I went with a plain black henley sweater. It helped a little. I'm not really sure why I bought this dress, I suppose because it looked nice on the model and I thought it could look nice on me. Not so much. And buying a size too large didn't help either. Whenever I buy clothes I have that habit because I have convinced myself that I'm gonna gain a ton of weight someday and I'm scared I won't have any clothes to wear. Silly me.

Ahh, my favorite shoes. I got these ladies while in high school. I tried to take care of them but they still look very worn/loved. But they are still in one piece and as long as they are, I'm gonna wear them. I have another favorite that look much more beaten and those depress me because I cannot find a suitable/exact replacement for them. Mary jane sneakers kick ass.

Sorry for the crap photography. I use the camera on my cell phone because my actual camera is broken. My son got to it. >.< That will teach me to leave stuff where he can reach it. And I haven't really tried to get a new one due to laziness and other things being on my mind. Until then, sorry for the crappy photos.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fun things

Guess who discovered swap-bot? I did! I have a feeling that the Internet junkie in me will emerge soon and cause me to spend hours of time on this computer doing silly things. Wait... I already do. :/

Anyways.. I am currently awaiting multiple packages as I have ordered a ton of crap to make pretties with to give as gifts. I just hope the image I have in my head matches what my hands create. I am sure whatever I do though, my gifts will be loved. That is how awesome my family is. They love me and all the crappy little trinkets I make for them.

AND, I'd like to apologize about my inability to remember what I last posted about. I realized the other day that I am SUPER redundant thus super irritating for anyone to read. I should probably read my blog before I post something.

Back to making stuff, has anyone used soft glass tubing in jewelry before? I saw it and it looks super pretty but I'm not sure what I would do with it. I have some ideas but not sure if it would work. Maybe I should just buy a small amount and play with it to see what comes of it.

My face is depressing me right now. For the last 2 weeks, I look like I got bitch-slapped by the ugly fairy's acne stick. I'm 24 with the skin of a 14 year old. Sad. Nothing seems to help. I've tried what feels like everything. Even proactiv didn't do shit. The stuff actually irritated my skin more. Craptacular.

That is all for now. I have things I need to do today that I am really not wanting to do. Ugh, the perils of being an adult. I should hire someone to do my housework for me. But I am too poor for that. Oh well, have a good day everyone!! Love!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

my lip stash

I thought it would be fun to share with everyone my lip product stash. Reason I say product is that this stash is not limited to but may include anything from lip gloss to chapstick, balm or stain... wanna know the sad part? This isn't my entire collection. I'm missing a good 5+ being that there are some downstairs, in my car or tucked away in a jacket or two. AND I didn't include any of my fun samples that I have.

Behold! A sea of lip lovlies...

I laid them all out on a satin blanket because my floor is ugly.

In the corner are a bit of the 2 makeup bags that I keep these treasures in.

Well, I guess that's it. I'm just glad my son didn't come into the room while I took these pictures. He definitely would have grabbed a few and ran off with them! (my son is 2 and has a fascination with makeup, he spends a lot of time around me)
Goodnight for now!
Sorry for not posting in forever! Been busy, tired and just plain unmotivated.
I have finished a great deal of crocheted gifts and only have 2 left to do. I'll post pictures of all my finished projects soon.
So, I did it. I finally gave knitting a try. And... I am gonna have to practice A TON! Not easy for me to do. Kinda like baking cookies. Easy in theory but rocket science in my world. So far I've achieved something that resembles a cat toy. I think.
Lately I've been putting more time and energy into my creative works (crafty bits, drawing, etc) and let me tell you, it feels great. For a very long time I've had some sort of mental block that wasn't allowing me to express creatively. It has caused me a great deal of distress because art has been a huge part of my life. For as long as I can remember, I've been very into visual arts, crafting, baking and performance arts as well. Growing up, I was around the local theatrical groups quite a bit because of my mom and sister's involvement. I got to see different mediums at work and art is something I've loved all my life. There has been a lot happening to suppress my creativity and now that I have finally pinched out a little time for myself, I can indulge in it. But I'm not 'all better yet'. I still have a long way to go before I am back to where I was before.
Ugh, I have too much crap to do around the house. My husband needs to do the laundry for me. Maybe he can get to the bottom of the laundry basket faster than I can.

Here is a little bit of my musical loves.

I ♥ Depeche Mode
This was from their concert in Virginia last July. I was there! The person who took this video def had a better seat than me. Even though I could barely see them, I still had a wonderful time.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Alright so if anyone has noticed, I am totally into giveaways. Once I have a decent size audience, you may see myself have one too. I love giving gifts as well as getting but doesn't everyone?

Newest giveaway I encountered:

*The Culture Enthusiast* birthday giveaway

Cute stuff right?? Very much so.
So head on over and enter it! go.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It seems that my house has been hit by a crazy storm! I got sick yesterday (threw up a little and felt nauseated off and on the last few days leading up to it), my son is sick with a cold, crazy busy at work preparing for new month and visit from our Territory Manager, attempting to make nice things for my etsy store (not up to my standards so they're on sale), planning holiday gifts, paying bills that seem to pop out of nowhere, finding a new doctor for my son and I that does accept my insurance, .... the list goes on. Not to mention all the things I've been doing to make a comfy home for my new kitty. AND our coffee table mysteriously lost another leg, so now it is on its way to the dumpster. I didn't like that table anyways. I'd rather pick out something funky with character from goodwill. I always seem to find awesome furniture there.

My goodies from my last trip to Common Market:

Badger Balm! I love they way this stuff smells. It reminds me of a home remedy elixir my mom used to make to help ease a sore throat. I got this to use on my husband and on my hands (they tend to hurt a lot after a crochet marathon). It also does well as a lip balm when nothing else is around, the cayenne in it gives a nice tingle!

Yummy! I love cooking with coconut oil. This stuff is the best as it gives a light sweet flavor. Very awesome when making veggie curry. Also very very good for moisturizing. My son has very dry, bumpy skin and this helps a lot. Not to mention he smells delish! A nice smelling child is always a good thing. I like putting this on when I have an eczema outbreak. My eczema clears up super fast when I use this. I haven't used it on my hair yet but I have heard good things. Maybe a coconut oil treatment is in order soon, I know my hair needs it!

Kombucha! I love love love kombucha. This is a raw fermented tea that has lots of beneficial nutrients and a taste you will never forget. It is rather pricey so I only get a few bottles at a time but if I could, I'd buy it by the case. I seriously feel tons better whenever I drink a bottle. It's my super healthy addiction!

I received my lip gloss from the swap that Kelli hosted, on my birthday. What a lovely surprise that was! She also included a set of false lashes, how sweet! I'll post pictures of the glosses on me later. My face looks awful right now and I don't want to break anyone's eyes! She had sent me a set of 3 glosses, one clear and 2 different shades of pink with lots of sparkles. They each had a cute cap too. I wore one the same day when I went out with my friends for my birthday lunch.
Thank you so much Kelli!!!! (as well as hosting the swap, she was my swap partner. just to clarify)

Right now I have so many ideas for things for my etsy shop as well as for gifts. I'm thinking of making 2 of anything I am giving as a gift so I can have one for sale. Maybe though, we'll see how busy I get. I am also giving knitting a try. I bought a kit from Micheal's that is Mickey Mouse themed. Super cute! However, I am not very good. All I am able to knit right now is a small strip of stitches that my cat is currently claiming as his toy. I'll get better eventually. Practice makes perfect!

Mah kittay!

That is all for now loves. Take care everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

eeew, i'm old

today is my birthday. 24 now.

my husband got me a kitty! i love my new kitty, he is so cute! i named him Perry.

busy day today: sephora, victoria's secret and lunch with friends.

that is all for now. i gotta go get prettied up.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I think after tomorrow, I will feel less stressed in general. You see, tomorrow is inventory day at the store I work at and my manager has been non-stop stressy-stress so in turn, the rest of us are stressed. It is really not that big a deal in the long run. And it is only a job. There are other avenues of income, this job is not the end all of employment. While I am taking all the preparing seriously I can't help but feel not so serious about the whole ordeal. Sure, I am taking time to make sure everything is 'perfect' and customers are happy but I don't want to be stressed over a job that in reality, doesn't pay that well. Its just retail (professional supply retail, not really dealing with the general public). And there are tons of those jobs everywhere. I could always go back to a salon (which may be in my future) but I know in my heart, that is not really where my passion lies. Don't get me wrong, I love making people 'silky smooth', I just don't like dealing with the everyday asshole. Enough of that! What am I really talking about anyways? Moving on....

Because of said job, no new creations for my etsy store ( have been completed. Sad, I know. Stupid job has me all preoccupied. Maybe today I'll have something made. I still need to finish the bunny I am making for my niece then I have another panda to make then I need to figure out what my nephews are getting. So much work to do! I really wanted to be finished with all that soon so I can focus on other things.

Going to Frederick today to drop my son off at my parents house. They watch him on the odd days that I work. Either on my way there or back I need to stop at Common Market and pick up some badger balm for my hands and back. Maybe some burts bees too. And def some coconut oil, yum! Coconut oil is awesome for cooking and moisturizing and it smells so yummy. I love going to that store. It is too awesome and its not stuffy like Whole Foods (they are constantly crowded and don't ever seem to have what I want).

Did I mention that I finally got the shade of pink I wanted for my hair? I did and it rocks! The only annoying thing about it is that people keep asking me if I am 'pinking for a cure'. What? I know October is breast cancer awareness and I have nothing against it but what about the other million days of the year that i have had some shade of pink going on? Can't I just like having pink hair?

My birthday is Wednesday. I am gonna be.... eh.... 24. I know I am still rather young but I already have gray hair and some wrinkles. Having a child also knocks down the youth quotient quite a bit too. So much for being a spring chicken. I think it upsets me because I thought I would have more accomplished by now. At least I still have ambition.

that is all for now. I'll post what goodies I bought from common market next time. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


just entered 2 at

they end soon so hurry!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

etsy shop news...

my etsy shop is open! i only have my necklace listed but i hope to be adding the yellow beret soon. the one i had previously made ended up being waaaay too small for any adult to wear. so i am gonna make another, a much bigger one, and once I am done, that will get a listing as well.

here's some better-ish pics of kittie's shooting star necklace

if anyone is interested in purchasing it from me, please email me. ( it is currently $30 with $3 for shipping.

good news! my computer is getting fixed tomorrow. my dad is gonna see what he can do and hopefully we'll have it back up and running by monday.
gotta run. i need to clean up my house and do some vacuuming. love!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

omg! jones' candy corn soda is the shiiiit! i love it, i'm going to buy more no matter how gross it sounds.

as far as my shop goes,.. production is good. i made a necklace that i will have posted as soon as our computer situation here is fixed. which means techinal is not so good. for now, i'm stuck with a super slow comp that has no memory and without a decent camera because the sd card adapter is missing. very sad.

here is a photo of the necklace using my cell phone....

very sad quality image. you can't hardly see any of the pretty details. or the fact that it has an imperfection that i didn't notice until i was finished. sucks that my first necklace has such an imperfection. a small unnoticable one but it is still what it is. which means lower price than i was hoping to get for it.

that is all for now. this f*ing comp is making me frustrated. more when i have more patience.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hat preview

here is a little sneak peek of the hat i'm making for my etsy store....

up all night

That's right. Not sleeping tonight. Thank 7-11 and their energy now pills that keep you up for a straight 24 hours. Maybe next time I actually want to stay up this late, I'll take them but this is awful and I really wasn't planning on it. At least I have a hat on its way to being done.

The hat I am working on will be the first item for sale on my soon to be etsy shop. I'll post more details about that when I am done and have everything set up.

Later today I am also going to send out the lip gloss I bought for the lip gloss swap. I hope she likes what I send her! Can't lie about being equally excited about receiving my surprise lip gloss. I heart lip gloss soooooo much!

Now to go drink some coffee and get cracking on that hat!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

just joined, closes on the 15th

an idea

I'm considering opening an etsy shop to sell cute things so I can earn a little extra for 2 reasons: small supplemental income & future kitten funds. I really want to expand my family in one of 2 ways, a baby or a kitten. I'm thinking a kitten would be better/easier right now considering our living space and time available for the kitten. While a baby would be great, ultimately it wouldn't be the best idea. But both would be really great!

kitty kitty kitty kitty.......

Monday, October 12, 2009

no water?

That's right. The water got shut off at my home due to the main break in the parking lot outside of my townhouse-apartment home. Nice. Sunday was not a good day for me as I had to travel to my brother-in-law's house to get a shower before work. I was extremely grateful for the shower (I love to be clean) but still feel weird about showering/being naked somewhere I am not used to. So far we have water today but I have a feeling it will change from 9 am to 6 pm. The water being shut off for repairs that long have been going off and on for almost 2 months now. Yet another reason I hate Baltimore county, they can't seem to maintain sh*t.

Still slow progress on the amigurumis. I have one complete panda and a bunny on the way. I did manage to crochet a beret for funsies. I like being crafty. Art used to be a HUGE part of my life before the prospects of art school became a priority. Now I can't seem to do anything that requires creativity (except maybe hair coloring). It's like I hate 'writer's block' so to speak. Artist's block maybe?
I never did end up going to art school. All the classes I had taken in high school along with the last 2 years of school being filled with drama, work, moving, etc; had killed my soul and I was burnt out by the time I graduated. I went 6 months without a job (completely unintended but totally worth it) and gave up thinking about college. I couldn't afford even community college and neither could my parents. The lack of money was courtesy of the assholes in a previous community I lived in that caused my family lots of trauma, money and ultimately the reason we relocated. Note to everyone: DO NOT move to TANEYTOWN, MD. The people there are selfish assholes that will walk all over you if you are too nice and try to run you out of the town if you are too different. No joke.

I need to stop thinking about all that. It gives me anxiety just to remember a little about what happened.

Well, I need to go make my son some eggs, his favorite after bananas. He's been picky lately and will only eat what he asks for. At least he asks for healthy foods. Love!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ugh, I've just not been up to doing much of anything lately. Being near broke all the time tends to wear me down from time to time. Its only my own fault. I'm really bad at saving money.

Anyways, my birthday is coming up (yay!) but the day before we have inventory at the store I work at (boo!). I'm less excited for my birthday than I let on to be because it is just another reminder that I am no longer a spring chicken. I wasted all my good years on booze and working long hours. But, at least now I have more time to do meaningful things like spend time with my son whom has robbed me of my youth. I can't be mad at him though, he does the cutest things and therefore automatically makes up for it. He is turning out so well that I really want another baby like now. I'd def like a girl though. Sure it is nice that my son likes to do girly things like paint his nails or carry a purse (he's 2, its just a really adorable phase for now) but I am certain he will grow out of it someday.

The other day I managed to stop by micheal's and pick up some stuffing for the amigurumi I made and some new yarn. I got baby pink and mint green. I'm making a panda with the baby pink and some hot pink and making a bunny with the mint green. They are all for my neices. I plan on making some hats/scarves for the nephews. I feel like I make such lame gifts sometimes. Another project I came across a few days ago that I'd like to tackle is a crocheted flower lolita headband. As soon as the amigurumi are done, I'll give that one a shot and if it is good, I'll make a nice one with pearls like they show in the original design or some sparkly beads. And then maybe do something similiar with a butterfly design. I've also been considering making some hair accessories with some porcelainized faux flowers then painting them and adding sparkles and such. As soon as my long list of projects are done, I may give this a try as well. So much I want to do, not nearly enought time to do it all!!!

giveaway at The Culture Enthusiast

she also has another giveaway going on as well so don't forget to enter in that one too!

take me to her!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my purchases from eki and d ♥ t charms

This is the package from eki. So pretty, can't wait to open it!

Squeeeeee! Pretty new purse! I really love how the inside is satiny nice. I'm currently using this purse. So far, I've gotten lots of nice compliments from my co-workers.

And the nifty extras! Thanks again eki, I really love your creation and I super appreciate the goodies! You're awesome!

Now for my package from d ♥ t charms....

yay for sparkly new charm!!!

And she wrote me a sweet note as well as another that arrived seperatley a few days later (not pictured) thanking me for my purchase and apologizing for the delay in receipt. It was really thoughtful that she sent the additional card, I didn't mind the wait because I do realize everyone has their own life and things can come up. Thank you Dana for the card! You are very sweet!

And I got yummy yummy candies from her as well. I heart candy.

Sorry this post lacked words. I lack motivation to make words today. Love!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a look at aromaleigh on me

I got my aromaleigh samples yesterday, so excited!! Right after receiving them, I ran to my room to give them a try.

I had read about this makeup on lolita charm then visited the site and was instantly intrigued. Especially with the rocks! line. I noticed that quite a few things were named after depeche mode songs (I noticed a lot of items in genereal were named after 80's songs) which struck me as super awesome. I loooooove depeche mode and I looooove makeup.

All of the samples contained generous amounts but I still used them quite sparingly cuz I want them to last as long as possible and to give me a good idea of how far the product can go.

Here is what I look like with no makeup

In this, I just applied the glissade foundation in 1n. I had also gotten another glissade foundation in alabaster which is much lighter. I'm thinking it will look just as nice. I may try it by itself soon then depending on how I feel about, I may mix it with 1n just to give it a slightly lighter appearance (I love having pale skin).

For as little I used, it covered quite well. Plus no itching or dry feeling like I had experienced with bareminerals makeup. The matte appearance it gave me lasted almost all day. I'd say about 6 or 7 hours later I started to look a little oily but my nose stayed nice until I washed my face.

Now for the eyes...

From the gothic lolita collection I used little craving (pink) and teddy wisp (bown). These pictures seriously do the makeup no justice. They are very pretty and sparkle just right without looking like I used some crap made for little girls (such cosmetics tend to have too much glitter for me). I really really like them. I also have purchaed a few more of the eyeshadows and shimmers that I didn't use but I will try to remember to post picture of those as well.
Again, application was light and I used very little product.

Overall look without eyeliner and mascara...

For the lips is Pinafore from the gothic lolita collection as well as metamorphosis finishing powder. The finishing powder has an absolutely beautiful shimmer that really brings out the skin's glow that isn't too glimmery. It also evened out my skin tone a bit. I could definitely wear this on a daily basis. Love it! The lip color went on very smooth and felt very comfortable. The color itself I found to be surprisingly flattering.

Overall, I noticed the actual product looks much nicer and prettier in life than on a computer screen. I can't wait to try my other samples!!!

Here is the finished look with my eyeliner (bed head big fat fun in black) and mascara (covergirl eyelights in black ruby).

Can't forget to put in my blue wing lenses!
Don't I look so innocent? haha!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i entered a giveway.... here is what it is

G-lish trio eyeshadow
Clinique black mascara
Clinique lipstick in Berrylicious
Estee Lauder lip gloss
Elianto nail polish
G-lish mosaic blush powder
Blue eyeliner

1. You MUST be a follower of my blog. So, click on the "follow" button if you aren't a follower yet!
2. Copy the image and post it together with the mechanics on your blog. Don't forget to link back!
3. Leave a comment on this entry saying, "I'm in!"


The giveaway is by

huuuump day/wednesday

I hope that everyone knows that I hate wednedays. Almost as much as mondays. But I am not going to let that spoil my fun.

Today I have lots to do but I don't feel like doing any of them. I will eventually. Eventually.
This afternoon I promised to take my son out and play bubbles with him. I will as soon as he gets his nap and lunch. So far, he doesn't seem to want to do either one.
I just noticed, I need more coffee.

Lately I've been using Chi Nourish Intense shampoo and conditioner. I really love the scent and it does a decent job with making my hair feel nice. I might buy it again however, I have lots of stuff I have to use before I do any repeat buying and as long as I am working where I do, the chances of that are slim. I love working at a beauty supply store but the fact that it only supports my beauty junkie habits is not the best thing. But you know what? I don't care, I love my job.

I still have liter bottle of Redken All Soft hanging around my shower. I love the stuff but I also love the other newer things I bring home from work. I only make things like this harder for myself.

A while back, I made a goal to make 1000 paper cranes. I've only made one so far that took me forever to make because I couldn't figure out how to do it and was almost convinced myself that origami is some crazy paper magic bullshit that I will never figure out. When I finally finished my first crane, I realized it was bullshit but still really wanted to make 999 more of them. I used to really love origami and still do but I am just not very skilled yet. Practice makes perfect and I have little patience. Fun stuff.
I have waaaay too many projects going on at once. I need to finish one or two like now.

OMG! Those guys in the group Big Bang are sooooo hot! It really makes me miss dating asian guys (which I used to do a lot before I met my husband). In a way, I kinda wish I would have married an asian man like I wanted to but I do love my husband more than any other man in the world and I really couldn't give him up. He is my lovie bear!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have to work today..meh. It is not entirely bad because today we are having our 10% off sale and it will make they day go by faster. But sometime people get cranky and lots of pressure gets pushed on us and it makes for sad employees. And on top off all that, its girl time. Yuck! I wish their was a less messy, prettier and more fun way to have girl time. and i was kinda hoping i was pregnant, i want another baby Oh well, better luck next month right?

I just recently bought a charm from d ♥ t charms. I can't wait to get it! It's super pretty. I'll post pictures as soon as I get it. ^-^

Also, this month is my daddy's birthday. I need to find him a super special gift. Not only is a super dad, but he takes care of me very well even though I'm not his responsibility any more. That's just how much my daddy loves me. I always plan on paying him back every cent he has ever spent on me that he didn't have to spend but it's also nice to get and/or make special things for daddy. I plan on baking him his favorite pie (pecan) and I'm gonna try to find him a replacement for his long-lost purple paisley shirt. I know it sounds like the biggest fashion no-no for an older man but I know he will appreciate the fact that I remembered the purple paisley shirt. I really hope I can find one!

Gotta go get ready for work now. Love!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

last night's failure

So I didn't even come close to finishing my amigurumi. I ended up falling asleep around 6 and not getting up until 8 then going back to bed around 10. I didn't even start. I had to make food for the husband's lunch and get my son ready for bed.

As far as the husband's lunch goes, I made egg salad for him. He gets toast with that and fruit for his lunch. I really want to start making bento lunches for him. I have an idea on how to do that but I have a feeling he would hate it because of it being cute looking. I wrote (with food coloring) on his sandwich once and he freaked out. He didn't think it was food color I used to write on it. Maybe sometime I'll try drawing a cute picture on his bread and see how that blows over. Anyways, I really think it would be neat to send him off with a bento lunch. It would be good practice for when my son goes to school. I think he would enjoy a bento lunch.

That is all for now. Good day everyone! Love!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lazy day

I feel like I lay around the house waaaay too much when I have off work. I should be cleaning, doing laundry and other such productive activities. I have many goals and I feel like I am just wasting my own time. I really need to get my shit together.

So tonight, I WILL FINISH my pink panda amigurumi for my nieces. I plan on making most of the holiday gifts that I am giving out and I started early for a reason.

I'll post more a little later. My son is calling for me. Love!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

waiting on circle lenses

So, I am currently awaiting my second pair of circle lenses. Last time I bought the plain ck-105 from geo. This time I am getting a pair of blue wing lenses from geo. The buyer I get them from was very fast about shipping my order to me last time and it came with a free contact case (i chose the pink hello kitty case). Let's hope I get this pair just as fast as the last. I can't wait, I am so excited!! I really like the way the blue wings give the halo effect and should look really nice with my green eyes.
I was really surprised of how nice the black ones looked on me. Here's a picture of me wearing them:

When I get my blue wing lenses, I'll post a picture of them as well.
I've never been one to really like my own pictures but I have to say that those lenses really make my eyes look nice. I really like this picture.

This christmas, I am going to attempt making macaron cookies for everyone. I hope to come up with several 12-ct boxes of cookies to give out. I figured if I start baking early, I can get all the crappy practice cookies out of the way and have decent looking cookies to give. Usually I am pretty good with baking but for some reason I suck ass at baking cookies. There is also a fruit tart I plan on making that usually turns out nice to give to my parents and in-laws and is also a good back-up if I cannot pull off the macarons. I'm also keeping an eye out for mini tart pans this year. Last year they were impossible to find, especially in december. I'd love to make mini fruit tarts instead of the big ones. I just love baking small, cute things!

As well as baking, I am also devoting lots of time to crocheting and general 'crafty-bits' to configure gifts. I've starting making some amigurumi for my nieces and nephews and trying to get it done by the end of september. I really want to be finished with everyone's gifts by the begining of december so I am not stressing over it 2 days before christmas. I do love the holidays but I don't love how people get all frantic over something not worth getting worked up over and I am not going to be one of those people this year.

That is all for now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


this is my first post.

i don't have anything to write about at the moment. but i will later.