Wednesday, September 9, 2009

last night's failure

So I didn't even come close to finishing my amigurumi. I ended up falling asleep around 6 and not getting up until 8 then going back to bed around 10. I didn't even start. I had to make food for the husband's lunch and get my son ready for bed.

As far as the husband's lunch goes, I made egg salad for him. He gets toast with that and fruit for his lunch. I really want to start making bento lunches for him. I have an idea on how to do that but I have a feeling he would hate it because of it being cute looking. I wrote (with food coloring) on his sandwich once and he freaked out. He didn't think it was food color I used to write on it. Maybe sometime I'll try drawing a cute picture on his bread and see how that blows over. Anyways, I really think it would be neat to send him off with a bento lunch. It would be good practice for when my son goes to school. I think he would enjoy a bento lunch.

That is all for now. Good day everyone! Love!

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