Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a look at aromaleigh on me

I got my aromaleigh samples yesterday, so excited!! Right after receiving them, I ran to my room to give them a try.

I had read about this makeup on lolita charm then visited the site and was instantly intrigued. Especially with the rocks! line. I noticed that quite a few things were named after depeche mode songs (I noticed a lot of items in genereal were named after 80's songs) which struck me as super awesome. I loooooove depeche mode and I looooove makeup.

All of the samples contained generous amounts but I still used them quite sparingly cuz I want them to last as long as possible and to give me a good idea of how far the product can go.

Here is what I look like with no makeup

In this, I just applied the glissade foundation in 1n. I had also gotten another glissade foundation in alabaster which is much lighter. I'm thinking it will look just as nice. I may try it by itself soon then depending on how I feel about, I may mix it with 1n just to give it a slightly lighter appearance (I love having pale skin).

For as little I used, it covered quite well. Plus no itching or dry feeling like I had experienced with bareminerals makeup. The matte appearance it gave me lasted almost all day. I'd say about 6 or 7 hours later I started to look a little oily but my nose stayed nice until I washed my face.

Now for the eyes...

From the gothic lolita collection I used little craving (pink) and teddy wisp (bown). These pictures seriously do the makeup no justice. They are very pretty and sparkle just right without looking like I used some crap made for little girls (such cosmetics tend to have too much glitter for me). I really really like them. I also have purchaed a few more of the eyeshadows and shimmers that I didn't use but I will try to remember to post picture of those as well.
Again, application was light and I used very little product.

Overall look without eyeliner and mascara...

For the lips is Pinafore from the gothic lolita collection as well as metamorphosis finishing powder. The finishing powder has an absolutely beautiful shimmer that really brings out the skin's glow that isn't too glimmery. It also evened out my skin tone a bit. I could definitely wear this on a daily basis. Love it! The lip color went on very smooth and felt very comfortable. The color itself I found to be surprisingly flattering.

Overall, I noticed the actual product looks much nicer and prettier in life than on a computer screen. I can't wait to try my other samples!!!

Here is the finished look with my eyeliner (bed head big fat fun in black) and mascara (covergirl eyelights in black ruby).

Can't forget to put in my blue wing lenses!
Don't I look so innocent? haha!

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  1. ohh you looks so kawaii! love your pink purple hair <3 and the circle lens look so natural on you :D thank you for the sweet message much appreciated and I know I wasnt alone in my battles :) nice to know people are there for me as well!