Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my purchases from eki and d ♥ t charms

This is the package from eki. So pretty, can't wait to open it!

Squeeeeee! Pretty new purse! I really love how the inside is satiny nice. I'm currently using this purse. So far, I've gotten lots of nice compliments from my co-workers.

And the nifty extras! Thanks again eki, I really love your creation and I super appreciate the goodies! You're awesome!

Now for my package from d ♥ t charms....

yay for sparkly new charm!!!

And she wrote me a sweet note as well as another that arrived seperatley a few days later (not pictured) thanking me for my purchase and apologizing for the delay in receipt. It was really thoughtful that she sent the additional card, I didn't mind the wait because I do realize everyone has their own life and things can come up. Thank you Dana for the card! You are very sweet!

And I got yummy yummy candies from her as well. I heart candy.

Sorry this post lacked words. I lack motivation to make words today. Love!

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  1. Hi sweets! thank you for the purchase! Im glad you like the purse :) Im glad it found a good home <3 :3