Monday, October 26, 2009


I think after tomorrow, I will feel less stressed in general. You see, tomorrow is inventory day at the store I work at and my manager has been non-stop stressy-stress so in turn, the rest of us are stressed. It is really not that big a deal in the long run. And it is only a job. There are other avenues of income, this job is not the end all of employment. While I am taking all the preparing seriously I can't help but feel not so serious about the whole ordeal. Sure, I am taking time to make sure everything is 'perfect' and customers are happy but I don't want to be stressed over a job that in reality, doesn't pay that well. Its just retail (professional supply retail, not really dealing with the general public). And there are tons of those jobs everywhere. I could always go back to a salon (which may be in my future) but I know in my heart, that is not really where my passion lies. Don't get me wrong, I love making people 'silky smooth', I just don't like dealing with the everyday asshole. Enough of that! What am I really talking about anyways? Moving on....

Because of said job, no new creations for my etsy store ( have been completed. Sad, I know. Stupid job has me all preoccupied. Maybe today I'll have something made. I still need to finish the bunny I am making for my niece then I have another panda to make then I need to figure out what my nephews are getting. So much work to do! I really wanted to be finished with all that soon so I can focus on other things.

Going to Frederick today to drop my son off at my parents house. They watch him on the odd days that I work. Either on my way there or back I need to stop at Common Market and pick up some badger balm for my hands and back. Maybe some burts bees too. And def some coconut oil, yum! Coconut oil is awesome for cooking and moisturizing and it smells so yummy. I love going to that store. It is too awesome and its not stuffy like Whole Foods (they are constantly crowded and don't ever seem to have what I want).

Did I mention that I finally got the shade of pink I wanted for my hair? I did and it rocks! The only annoying thing about it is that people keep asking me if I am 'pinking for a cure'. What? I know October is breast cancer awareness and I have nothing against it but what about the other million days of the year that i have had some shade of pink going on? Can't I just like having pink hair?

My birthday is Wednesday. I am gonna be.... eh.... 24. I know I am still rather young but I already have gray hair and some wrinkles. Having a child also knocks down the youth quotient quite a bit too. So much for being a spring chicken. I think it upsets me because I thought I would have more accomplished by now. At least I still have ambition.

that is all for now. I'll post what goodies I bought from common market next time. :)

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