Monday, October 12, 2009

no water?

That's right. The water got shut off at my home due to the main break in the parking lot outside of my townhouse-apartment home. Nice. Sunday was not a good day for me as I had to travel to my brother-in-law's house to get a shower before work. I was extremely grateful for the shower (I love to be clean) but still feel weird about showering/being naked somewhere I am not used to. So far we have water today but I have a feeling it will change from 9 am to 6 pm. The water being shut off for repairs that long have been going off and on for almost 2 months now. Yet another reason I hate Baltimore county, they can't seem to maintain sh*t.

Still slow progress on the amigurumis. I have one complete panda and a bunny on the way. I did manage to crochet a beret for funsies. I like being crafty. Art used to be a HUGE part of my life before the prospects of art school became a priority. Now I can't seem to do anything that requires creativity (except maybe hair coloring). It's like I hate 'writer's block' so to speak. Artist's block maybe?
I never did end up going to art school. All the classes I had taken in high school along with the last 2 years of school being filled with drama, work, moving, etc; had killed my soul and I was burnt out by the time I graduated. I went 6 months without a job (completely unintended but totally worth it) and gave up thinking about college. I couldn't afford even community college and neither could my parents. The lack of money was courtesy of the assholes in a previous community I lived in that caused my family lots of trauma, money and ultimately the reason we relocated. Note to everyone: DO NOT move to TANEYTOWN, MD. The people there are selfish assholes that will walk all over you if you are too nice and try to run you out of the town if you are too different. No joke.

I need to stop thinking about all that. It gives me anxiety just to remember a little about what happened.

Well, I need to go make my son some eggs, his favorite after bananas. He's been picky lately and will only eat what he asks for. At least he asks for healthy foods. Love!

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