Wednesday, October 21, 2009

omg! jones' candy corn soda is the shiiiit! i love it, i'm going to buy more no matter how gross it sounds.

as far as my shop goes,.. production is good. i made a necklace that i will have posted as soon as our computer situation here is fixed. which means techinal is not so good. for now, i'm stuck with a super slow comp that has no memory and without a decent camera because the sd card adapter is missing. very sad.

here is a photo of the necklace using my cell phone....

very sad quality image. you can't hardly see any of the pretty details. or the fact that it has an imperfection that i didn't notice until i was finished. sucks that my first necklace has such an imperfection. a small unnoticable one but it is still what it is. which means lower price than i was hoping to get for it.

that is all for now. this f*ing comp is making me frustrated. more when i have more patience.

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