Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ugh, I've just not been up to doing much of anything lately. Being near broke all the time tends to wear me down from time to time. Its only my own fault. I'm really bad at saving money.

Anyways, my birthday is coming up (yay!) but the day before we have inventory at the store I work at (boo!). I'm less excited for my birthday than I let on to be because it is just another reminder that I am no longer a spring chicken. I wasted all my good years on booze and working long hours. But, at least now I have more time to do meaningful things like spend time with my son whom has robbed me of my youth. I can't be mad at him though, he does the cutest things and therefore automatically makes up for it. He is turning out so well that I really want another baby like now. I'd def like a girl though. Sure it is nice that my son likes to do girly things like paint his nails or carry a purse (he's 2, its just a really adorable phase for now) but I am certain he will grow out of it someday.

The other day I managed to stop by micheal's and pick up some stuffing for the amigurumi I made and some new yarn. I got baby pink and mint green. I'm making a panda with the baby pink and some hot pink and making a bunny with the mint green. They are all for my neices. I plan on making some hats/scarves for the nephews. I feel like I make such lame gifts sometimes. Another project I came across a few days ago that I'd like to tackle is a crocheted flower lolita headband. As soon as the amigurumi are done, I'll give that one a shot and if it is good, I'll make a nice one with pearls like they show in the original design or some sparkly beads. And then maybe do something similiar with a butterfly design. I've also been considering making some hair accessories with some porcelainized faux flowers then painting them and adding sparkles and such. As soon as my long list of projects are done, I may give this a try as well. So much I want to do, not nearly enought time to do it all!!!

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