Tuesday, November 24, 2009

magic in the makeup

It really amazes me how much makeup can change the way I look. Without it, I almost look like a pimply 14 year old boy. With it on, a pimply 18 year old girl.

nice, right?
Usually I am pretty good or mediocre at applying makeup and/or lashes but yesterday when I did this look, my hands wouldn't work well with my brain. I ended up smudging some of the liner, not getting smooth straight lines and I couldn't get my lashes on to save my life.

My lash failure

See my f*ing acne? I hate my skin. I've just tried to relax and ignore it but the bumps are painful to the touch so ignoring them isn't a good option. I am open to any suggestions if anyone has any.

Just camera-whoring it up!
I bought that little dress thing a couple of years ago and never really wore it. The bolero that came with it makes the whole thing look cheap so I went with a plain black henley sweater. It helped a little. I'm not really sure why I bought this dress, I suppose because it looked nice on the model and I thought it could look nice on me. Not so much. And buying a size too large didn't help either. Whenever I buy clothes I have that habit because I have convinced myself that I'm gonna gain a ton of weight someday and I'm scared I won't have any clothes to wear. Silly me.

Ahh, my favorite shoes. I got these ladies while in high school. I tried to take care of them but they still look very worn/loved. But they are still in one piece and as long as they are, I'm gonna wear them. I have another favorite that look much more beaten and those depress me because I cannot find a suitable/exact replacement for them. Mary jane sneakers kick ass.

Sorry for the crap photography. I use the camera on my cell phone because my actual camera is broken. My son got to it. >.< That will teach me to leave stuff where he can reach it. And I haven't really tried to get a new one due to laziness and other things being on my mind. Until then, sorry for the crappy photos.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fun things

Guess who discovered swap-bot? I did! I have a feeling that the Internet junkie in me will emerge soon and cause me to spend hours of time on this computer doing silly things. Wait... I already do. :/

Anyways.. I am currently awaiting multiple packages as I have ordered a ton of crap to make pretties with to give as gifts. I just hope the image I have in my head matches what my hands create. I am sure whatever I do though, my gifts will be loved. That is how awesome my family is. They love me and all the crappy little trinkets I make for them.

AND, I'd like to apologize about my inability to remember what I last posted about. I realized the other day that I am SUPER redundant thus super irritating for anyone to read. I should probably read my blog before I post something.

Back to making stuff, has anyone used soft glass tubing in jewelry before? I saw it and it looks super pretty but I'm not sure what I would do with it. I have some ideas but not sure if it would work. Maybe I should just buy a small amount and play with it to see what comes of it.

My face is depressing me right now. For the last 2 weeks, I look like I got bitch-slapped by the ugly fairy's acne stick. I'm 24 with the skin of a 14 year old. Sad. Nothing seems to help. I've tried what feels like everything. Even proactiv didn't do shit. The stuff actually irritated my skin more. Craptacular.

That is all for now. I have things I need to do today that I am really not wanting to do. Ugh, the perils of being an adult. I should hire someone to do my housework for me. But I am too poor for that. Oh well, have a good day everyone!! Love!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

my lip stash

I thought it would be fun to share with everyone my lip product stash. Reason I say product is that this stash is not limited to but may include anything from lip gloss to chapstick, balm or stain... wanna know the sad part? This isn't my entire collection. I'm missing a good 5+ being that there are some downstairs, in my car or tucked away in a jacket or two. AND I didn't include any of my fun samples that I have.

Behold! A sea of lip lovlies...

I laid them all out on a satin blanket because my floor is ugly.

In the corner are a bit of the 2 makeup bags that I keep these treasures in.

Well, I guess that's it. I'm just glad my son didn't come into the room while I took these pictures. He definitely would have grabbed a few and ran off with them! (my son is 2 and has a fascination with makeup, he spends a lot of time around me)
Goodnight for now!
Sorry for not posting in forever! Been busy, tired and just plain unmotivated.
I have finished a great deal of crocheted gifts and only have 2 left to do. I'll post pictures of all my finished projects soon.
So, I did it. I finally gave knitting a try. And... I am gonna have to practice A TON! Not easy for me to do. Kinda like baking cookies. Easy in theory but rocket science in my world. So far I've achieved something that resembles a cat toy. I think.
Lately I've been putting more time and energy into my creative works (crafty bits, drawing, etc) and let me tell you, it feels great. For a very long time I've had some sort of mental block that wasn't allowing me to express creatively. It has caused me a great deal of distress because art has been a huge part of my life. For as long as I can remember, I've been very into visual arts, crafting, baking and performance arts as well. Growing up, I was around the local theatrical groups quite a bit because of my mom and sister's involvement. I got to see different mediums at work and art is something I've loved all my life. There has been a lot happening to suppress my creativity and now that I have finally pinched out a little time for myself, I can indulge in it. But I'm not 'all better yet'. I still have a long way to go before I am back to where I was before.
Ugh, I have too much crap to do around the house. My husband needs to do the laundry for me. Maybe he can get to the bottom of the laundry basket faster than I can.

Here is a little bit of my musical loves.

I ♥ Depeche Mode
This was from their concert in Virginia last July. I was there! The person who took this video def had a better seat than me. Even though I could barely see them, I still had a wonderful time.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Alright so if anyone has noticed, I am totally into giveaways. Once I have a decent size audience, you may see myself have one too. I love giving gifts as well as getting but doesn't everyone?

Newest giveaway I encountered:

*The Culture Enthusiast* birthday giveaway

Cute stuff right?? Very much so.
So head on over and enter it! go.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It seems that my house has been hit by a crazy storm! I got sick yesterday (threw up a little and felt nauseated off and on the last few days leading up to it), my son is sick with a cold, crazy busy at work preparing for new month and visit from our Territory Manager, attempting to make nice things for my etsy store (not up to my standards so they're on sale), planning holiday gifts, paying bills that seem to pop out of nowhere, finding a new doctor for my son and I that does accept my insurance, .... the list goes on. Not to mention all the things I've been doing to make a comfy home for my new kitty. AND our coffee table mysteriously lost another leg, so now it is on its way to the dumpster. I didn't like that table anyways. I'd rather pick out something funky with character from goodwill. I always seem to find awesome furniture there.

My goodies from my last trip to Common Market:

Badger Balm! I love they way this stuff smells. It reminds me of a home remedy elixir my mom used to make to help ease a sore throat. I got this to use on my husband and on my hands (they tend to hurt a lot after a crochet marathon). It also does well as a lip balm when nothing else is around, the cayenne in it gives a nice tingle!

Yummy! I love cooking with coconut oil. This stuff is the best as it gives a light sweet flavor. Very awesome when making veggie curry. Also very very good for moisturizing. My son has very dry, bumpy skin and this helps a lot. Not to mention he smells delish! A nice smelling child is always a good thing. I like putting this on when I have an eczema outbreak. My eczema clears up super fast when I use this. I haven't used it on my hair yet but I have heard good things. Maybe a coconut oil treatment is in order soon, I know my hair needs it!

Kombucha! I love love love kombucha. This is a raw fermented tea that has lots of beneficial nutrients and a taste you will never forget. It is rather pricey so I only get a few bottles at a time but if I could, I'd buy it by the case. I seriously feel tons better whenever I drink a bottle. It's my super healthy addiction!

I received my lip gloss from the swap that Kelli hosted, on my birthday. What a lovely surprise that was! She also included a set of false lashes, how sweet! I'll post pictures of the glosses on me later. My face looks awful right now and I don't want to break anyone's eyes! She had sent me a set of 3 glosses, one clear and 2 different shades of pink with lots of sparkles. They each had a cute cap too. I wore one the same day when I went out with my friends for my birthday lunch.
Thank you so much Kelli!!!! (as well as hosting the swap, she was my swap partner. just to clarify)

Right now I have so many ideas for things for my etsy shop as well as for gifts. I'm thinking of making 2 of anything I am giving as a gift so I can have one for sale. Maybe though, we'll see how busy I get. I am also giving knitting a try. I bought a kit from Micheal's that is Mickey Mouse themed. Super cute! However, I am not very good. All I am able to knit right now is a small strip of stitches that my cat is currently claiming as his toy. I'll get better eventually. Practice makes perfect!

Mah kittay!

That is all for now loves. Take care everyone!