Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It seems that my house has been hit by a crazy storm! I got sick yesterday (threw up a little and felt nauseated off and on the last few days leading up to it), my son is sick with a cold, crazy busy at work preparing for new month and visit from our Territory Manager, attempting to make nice things for my etsy store (not up to my standards so they're on sale), planning holiday gifts, paying bills that seem to pop out of nowhere, finding a new doctor for my son and I that does accept my insurance, .... the list goes on. Not to mention all the things I've been doing to make a comfy home for my new kitty. AND our coffee table mysteriously lost another leg, so now it is on its way to the dumpster. I didn't like that table anyways. I'd rather pick out something funky with character from goodwill. I always seem to find awesome furniture there.

My goodies from my last trip to Common Market:

Badger Balm! I love they way this stuff smells. It reminds me of a home remedy elixir my mom used to make to help ease a sore throat. I got this to use on my husband and on my hands (they tend to hurt a lot after a crochet marathon). It also does well as a lip balm when nothing else is around, the cayenne in it gives a nice tingle!

Yummy! I love cooking with coconut oil. This stuff is the best as it gives a light sweet flavor. Very awesome when making veggie curry. Also very very good for moisturizing. My son has very dry, bumpy skin and this helps a lot. Not to mention he smells delish! A nice smelling child is always a good thing. I like putting this on when I have an eczema outbreak. My eczema clears up super fast when I use this. I haven't used it on my hair yet but I have heard good things. Maybe a coconut oil treatment is in order soon, I know my hair needs it!

Kombucha! I love love love kombucha. This is a raw fermented tea that has lots of beneficial nutrients and a taste you will never forget. It is rather pricey so I only get a few bottles at a time but if I could, I'd buy it by the case. I seriously feel tons better whenever I drink a bottle. It's my super healthy addiction!

I received my lip gloss from the swap that Kelli hosted, on my birthday. What a lovely surprise that was! She also included a set of false lashes, how sweet! I'll post pictures of the glosses on me later. My face looks awful right now and I don't want to break anyone's eyes! She had sent me a set of 3 glosses, one clear and 2 different shades of pink with lots of sparkles. They each had a cute cap too. I wore one the same day when I went out with my friends for my birthday lunch.
Thank you so much Kelli!!!! (as well as hosting the swap, she was my swap partner. just to clarify)

Right now I have so many ideas for things for my etsy shop as well as for gifts. I'm thinking of making 2 of anything I am giving as a gift so I can have one for sale. Maybe though, we'll see how busy I get. I am also giving knitting a try. I bought a kit from Micheal's that is Mickey Mouse themed. Super cute! However, I am not very good. All I am able to knit right now is a small strip of stitches that my cat is currently claiming as his toy. I'll get better eventually. Practice makes perfect!

Mah kittay!

That is all for now loves. Take care everyone!


  1. aww how old is your kitten?! Sooo adorable!

  2. he is 12 weeks. perry has adjusted to his new home with us rather well, i'm very surprised. thank you for asking.