Tuesday, November 24, 2009

magic in the makeup

It really amazes me how much makeup can change the way I look. Without it, I almost look like a pimply 14 year old boy. With it on, a pimply 18 year old girl.

nice, right?
Usually I am pretty good or mediocre at applying makeup and/or lashes but yesterday when I did this look, my hands wouldn't work well with my brain. I ended up smudging some of the liner, not getting smooth straight lines and I couldn't get my lashes on to save my life.

My lash failure

See my f*ing acne? I hate my skin. I've just tried to relax and ignore it but the bumps are painful to the touch so ignoring them isn't a good option. I am open to any suggestions if anyone has any.

Just camera-whoring it up!
I bought that little dress thing a couple of years ago and never really wore it. The bolero that came with it makes the whole thing look cheap so I went with a plain black henley sweater. It helped a little. I'm not really sure why I bought this dress, I suppose because it looked nice on the model and I thought it could look nice on me. Not so much. And buying a size too large didn't help either. Whenever I buy clothes I have that habit because I have convinced myself that I'm gonna gain a ton of weight someday and I'm scared I won't have any clothes to wear. Silly me.

Ahh, my favorite shoes. I got these ladies while in high school. I tried to take care of them but they still look very worn/loved. But they are still in one piece and as long as they are, I'm gonna wear them. I have another favorite that look much more beaten and those depress me because I cannot find a suitable/exact replacement for them. Mary jane sneakers kick ass.

Sorry for the crap photography. I use the camera on my cell phone because my actual camera is broken. My son got to it. >.< That will teach me to leave stuff where he can reach it. And I haven't really tried to get a new one due to laziness and other things being on my mind. Until then, sorry for the crappy photos.


  1. the dress is sooo cute! And yeah gotta hate pimples, I got one on my cheek right now that's been around for 2 weeks now (ugh!) it finally swelled down hopefully it doesn't leave a scar >< And hehe make up does make a big diff, I do't think I can live without make up!

  2. thank you! i was nervous about wearing that dress out because i think i look silly in it. i'm glad someone likes it! again, thanks for the comment and i hope you have a lovely holiday!