Monday, December 28, 2009

quick lookie at lime crime

Just wanted to do a quick post to show my latest makeup acquisition.
I didn't realize until just now that I probably should have taken pictures of the actual products as well as the color demos I took. And maybe some swatches too. Oh well, if people really want those pictures, I guess they will ask. I'm obviously not that great at blogging yet. Anyways....

I recently purchased a lipstick and eyeshadow from Lime Crime

Cosmopop lipstick

Twilight 'Magic Dust' eyeshadow

I had gotten a lipstick and eyeshadow from them previously and was rather impressed with the lipstick's color and longivity and the vibrancy of the eyeshadow. Again, I am impressed with how well the colors look on my skin as well as their vibrancy and dimension. The twilight color is really nice. In the pot it kinda looks like a medium sparkly blue-gray but on the skin it is a pretty blueish-purple with a pinkish sheen. I know my pictures aren't the best at all and really don't show it off like it deserves but it does give a good idea of the shade.

The last color of lipstick I got from them (Great Pink Planet) was so nice looking that I decided on another, so I chose Cosmopop. Cosmopop lipstick is a nice creamy orange, unlike any color I usually wear. I applied it very lightly and even with a light hand, it still shows up very bright. I really like how comfortable the color wears. My lips don't feel dry and the color really sticks. I really like these and I think in the future I'm gonna go ballsy and get the blue lipstick they make. Now that one is surely unique!

I can say that I am definitely a fan of these cosmetics. Unfortunately there is a rumor of the owner not actually making the cosmetics but rather just repackaging then selling. I can't say I do or don't believe about that rumor but I can say that I do believe in making decisions for yourself and not based on what a certain group of people say. Now, I'm not saying this in regards to anyone, I'm just saying do what you feel you want to do. Be an individual, be yourself.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and here's to a wonderful new year! Love!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I decided to bake

The recipe started as a simple spritz cookie recipe, calling for almond extract as the main flavor. But being that I am who I am and the current supply of almond extract (being none) I couldn't settle for this recipe. Instead of almond I used banana and a splash of Capt Morgan. Yum!
Then when came time to shape them, I couldn't resist making penises. It is just more fun that way. Best part was watching my husband eat a penis cookie.

things that make me want to go 'bleeeeh!'

First off: mood swings/crazy meltdowns. I'll go into this further in a different post.

Second: F*ing SNOW! So much snow that it makes travel extremely hazardous/impossible and makes me miss work. It is one thing to remove a few inches off my car and just drive over it but quite another when I have a pile up to my waist and no shovel. Plus the fact that I live in a townhouse apartment with no land of our own to maintain really makes you think, 'maybe I should buy a shovel to keep in the shed out back for just in case.' But wait, you don't have a shed or any sort of outdoor storage not to mention the lack of storage you have in your home.

Third: My husband has a bug up his ass that is making him clean/organize like a crazy person. I shouldn't bitch and just enjoy it. This happens almost never.

And I just found out that one of my favorite actresses just died. :(

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

quickie, not much here

Princess cake!!!! very much my current love. I had my husband pick me up one from ikea when he went last. I never had it before but very much so wanted to try it. Not only is it delish, it is not too sweet. I really really like it. Now I want a pink one.

Below is my latest attempt at acrylic set on myself. The husband says I am getting better. I still feel very much right-handed. Not bad but not best. They will do for now. **sorry for the crappy picture quality**

Me being stupid with my glasses.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I've been busy/lazy

Busy type crap that keeps me away from the computer:

work, making gifts, cleaning, cooking, visiting with family, running errands, sleeping, playing with my son, playing with Perry (kitty), making things for swaps, etc - the list goes on

and then there is laziness. The thing that makes me lay on the couch, watch movies and a general motionlessness that feels so good. It probably doesn't help that everyone in my house has some sort of illness plaguing us. Mine started out kinda bad, went to really bad and is back to not so bad. My son has an ear infection, he's already gone through 2 different types of medication for it and I have a feeling we should do again what we did last year, wait the shit out. Of course I am gonna give him nice vapor baths, rub some baby vicks on his chest before bed and give him a regular boogey-snatching but I am not gonna drag him to the doctor every week just to have a specialist to roll his eyes and tell me to wait it out. I'm just gonna skip the 100 plus dollars in doctor fees this year. Call me a bad parent if you want but as long as his behavior is fine and he isn't acting like he is dying, I'm gonna hold off a little on calling his doctor.

This morning my son wanted me to put on a princess movie. We don't have any other than Swan Princess on netflix and he doesn't like Swan Princess. He likes Belle and Cinderella and I think he is also taking an interest in the new Princess and the Frog. This just shows that he spends a lot of time around females. He even found a skirt of mine that he proceeded to put on and dance around the house in. Nice.

During my last trip to Micheal's, I stumbled upon the Martha Stewart section. I can't say I am a huge fan but I did see a ton of stuff I would love to use in some upcoming projects. The top of the that wish list is the set of glitter that is $20. I know $20 for glitter is a bit much buuuuuuuuut its so PRETTY!! I love glitter and sparkles and yeah, inside my head is a constant parade of care bears and rainbows so a def sure fire into my heart is glitter. AND I have a 40% off coupon.... maybe I should get the glitter.

Moving on....

I finally gave in to the temptation that is And I made a pretty based around a dress that I really really want.

Like I said, I like sparkles.

Super happy update: my skin is clearing up a little!!!
The reason: tried a product from cellnique's b-liv line called 'off with those heads' and 'squeaky clean' . Since then my skin has been getting clearer and brighter every day. Yay! I hope they keep it up, most products tend to do awesome on me for maybe a week up to a month and then my skin will go to shit out of nowhere and not get better ever again until I try something new, but not just anything new. Some products make me break out right away and some do after a couple of tries. Once a month has passed, then I will be able to better gauge how well b-liv by cellnique does for my skin.

Last week I was watching Attack of the Show with my husband and this little gem emerged

Oh yeah, talk nerdy to me.

And on that note, everyone have a lovely week and a merry holiday!! Love!!