Monday, December 28, 2009

quick lookie at lime crime

Just wanted to do a quick post to show my latest makeup acquisition.
I didn't realize until just now that I probably should have taken pictures of the actual products as well as the color demos I took. And maybe some swatches too. Oh well, if people really want those pictures, I guess they will ask. I'm obviously not that great at blogging yet. Anyways....

I recently purchased a lipstick and eyeshadow from Lime Crime

Cosmopop lipstick

Twilight 'Magic Dust' eyeshadow

I had gotten a lipstick and eyeshadow from them previously and was rather impressed with the lipstick's color and longivity and the vibrancy of the eyeshadow. Again, I am impressed with how well the colors look on my skin as well as their vibrancy and dimension. The twilight color is really nice. In the pot it kinda looks like a medium sparkly blue-gray but on the skin it is a pretty blueish-purple with a pinkish sheen. I know my pictures aren't the best at all and really don't show it off like it deserves but it does give a good idea of the shade.

The last color of lipstick I got from them (Great Pink Planet) was so nice looking that I decided on another, so I chose Cosmopop. Cosmopop lipstick is a nice creamy orange, unlike any color I usually wear. I applied it very lightly and even with a light hand, it still shows up very bright. I really like how comfortable the color wears. My lips don't feel dry and the color really sticks. I really like these and I think in the future I'm gonna go ballsy and get the blue lipstick they make. Now that one is surely unique!

I can say that I am definitely a fan of these cosmetics. Unfortunately there is a rumor of the owner not actually making the cosmetics but rather just repackaging then selling. I can't say I do or don't believe about that rumor but I can say that I do believe in making decisions for yourself and not based on what a certain group of people say. Now, I'm not saying this in regards to anyone, I'm just saying do what you feel you want to do. Be an individual, be yourself.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and here's to a wonderful new year! Love!

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