Sunday, December 20, 2009

things that make me want to go 'bleeeeh!'

First off: mood swings/crazy meltdowns. I'll go into this further in a different post.

Second: F*ing SNOW! So much snow that it makes travel extremely hazardous/impossible and makes me miss work. It is one thing to remove a few inches off my car and just drive over it but quite another when I have a pile up to my waist and no shovel. Plus the fact that I live in a townhouse apartment with no land of our own to maintain really makes you think, 'maybe I should buy a shovel to keep in the shed out back for just in case.' But wait, you don't have a shed or any sort of outdoor storage not to mention the lack of storage you have in your home.

Third: My husband has a bug up his ass that is making him clean/organize like a crazy person. I shouldn't bitch and just enjoy it. This happens almost never.

And I just found out that one of my favorite actresses just died. :(

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