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today I heart...


eki christmas giveaway!

Eki is known for her super cute jewelry and equally cute blog. Right now she is doing a special christmas giveaway. Be sure to check her out and enter the giveaway.

Click on the picture below to go to her blog.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Seems that I am still adjusting to my new work schedule and the one less day of relaxation. Hopefully it will all get easier once the holidays are over with.

I haven't been doing any swaps on swap-bot right now for that reason. And I don't know where the post office is yet.

Just touched up my hair today and got to use Special FX Atomic Pink for the first time. I also have a bottle of Cupcake Pink but I am saving that one for later. Back to Atomic Pink...
it is super BRIGHT!! I love it! The downside is that my ends look terrible and I really don't want to cut my hair since it is finally long again. I guess I just have to suck it up and do it.

That is all for right now, I am still very tired from all the working I have been doing. Once everything is normalized, I should be posting more. Take care & love!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

please stop looking at me like that

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job location. I am getting a transfer to a closer store next week. I would try to show more excitement right now (because I really am very happy about it) but I am very tired.
I thought I actually had something to blog about but now that I am actually doing it, everything escapes my mind. Grrr.
And I have no idea what I am getting for my husband for Christmas.

My throat has been hurting today too. I just had an upper respiratory infection last month. Sickness seems to follow me this year.

The neutrogena oil-free acne wash never solved anything for my face. After some research, I started taking zinc and using clinique. Definite improvement so far.
Having acne as an adult is really hard sometimes. Most days I can ignore it and avoid mirrors but I don't like living like that because I like putting on makeup, thus requiring the use of a mirror. Makeup doesn't always cover it. No matter how blended and covered everything is, you can still see the bumps. Or if somethings happens to poke a tender one. Yeah, hurts a lot. The thing about having adult acne that bothers me the most is when other people point it out to me and then lecture me on proper skincare followed by 'you need to see a dermatologist'. Yes, I do know this but I have no health insurance to help pay for the costly visits. Not to mention that it is completely out of my budget to do so mostly in part that I have a child I am trying to provide for. I guess they feel they are trying to help but it is like they are completely unaware that their commenting to me only makes me feel worse.

Time to go get some sleep, goodnight everyone!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

it's the f*ing holidays ...

So, while I was gone (yet again! consistency is just not my thing) we moved and I went back to pink hair. I decided that I love pink hair more than regular hair and if I ever want regular hair for any reason to just wear a wig. Nothing will ever make me color my hair brown ever again. Viva la pink hair betchzzzz!

My camera is missing for the time being too. I'll come across it again when we are finished unpacking. Another thing I realized while unpacking, I don't have nearly as much makeup as I thought I had and I have way more hair product than I really should ever have. It seems that my bathroom is being taken over by styling product. Note to self: don't buy anymore styling product ever again! I could say that goes for nail polish too but there are too many colors in the rainbow of my soul for that to ever happen.

And the fact that the holidays are upon us is sorta stressful too. Just thinking about the holiday music that plays on the radio at work makes me cringe. For me, it is mostly the music that gets to me. It is seasonal torture I say!

Now something for you to look at. Let's see...


Monday, October 4, 2010

quick hair change

So I got bored (with my current hair color)

and slapped some red on (pravana vivids)

I love how my cell phone camera makes my skin orange, not! I know I said no more crappy cell phone pictures but bad habits die hard.
Oh, how I missed my pretty colors in my hair!

Since it is suddenly cold out, I bought some soup today. Chunky soup is okay but it gets old and fast. Most of the time I prefer a nice meatless soup. My grandma used to make some bangin' vegetable soup but she died before I got the chance to ask her for her recipe. Now that I am thinking of grandmas.. my other grandma (we called her Ga-ga, and it doesn't sound like f*ing Lady Gaga when you say it) made sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I used to hate it when I was a kid but that was before I got wise and found out that sweet potatoes with marshmallows is the shit. My mom makes hers like Ga-ga did and they taste like love.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

recent stuff & ice flower blue

Wow, it has been a little while since I've done any blog posts. Life sure can get in the way. The last few weeks I was helping my father-in-law's fiance get ready for their wedding last weekend. I got to do her hair and makeup! I had a great time doing that and everything turned out beautifully. Also my little family is preparing to move in November. I'm very excited to be moving. A change of scenery is just the thing I need right now.

At my work, one of the hair care brands introduced a new service to perform that is basically a semi-permanent thermal keratin treatment (they call it a 'keratin glaze'). I did one on my mom and new step-mom-in-law (geez, wordy huh? but what else do i call her??) and they absolutely love it. So from that alone, I've been getting lots of people asking me to do it for them too. I'd really like to do the brazilian blowout (I am certified for it) for them but that treatment is expensive. The brazilian blowout lasts up to 10 weeks compared to the 6 shampoos of the keratin glaze.

I love love circle lenses! Ever since I discovered them, I've been addicted. So lately, I've been wanting to try a lens that was a bit different looking than the ones I currently have (eos adult green & geo super nudy blue).'s ice flower seemed like a good choice because of the intricate design and thick outer ring. I chose the blue because I felt that it would blend best with my brownish-green eyes.

A view of the lenses in the vials before opening.

The vials with the cute animal case it came with. I bought my lenses from pinky paradise.

Lenses in case. Here you can faintly see the blue. I can't lie, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of color. They seemed more vibrant in the pictures.

With flash.

Without flash.

Full view. Please don't mind my hair! I was having a lazy hair day!

Overall, I will say that I do like these lenses. Maybe not love right now, they might grow on me later but they do look very nice. They are definitely very very comfortable which was a very pleasant surprise. Most of the time it takes a little while for my eyes to adjust to having lens on them as they are sensitive. These lens feel very moist and natural.
I do wish the blue color showed up more. The color is sheer. It is nice so it blends with my eyes better but unless you are up in my eyes, you won't notice the color hardly at all.

Let me know if you enjoyed my lens review! I might do another sometime in December, after we are done moving.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August fun, well not really

This month is proving to be very troublesome. First my son claims he has swallowed a battery. Results in very freaked out me and hospital visit. Then last weekend I get sick with a uti and pain from a ovarian cyst. Not to mention I still feel very very tired. So that was another hospital visit. Then yesterday my cat decides to pee in random places because he HATES the new litter I bought and he is limping. Took him to the vet, she prescribes pain medication for him for a possible sprain. AND I had to buy him more of his old litter so he would use his box again. Now I still need to make an appointment with an ob/gyn. The crappy thing about that is being about to find someone to watch my son while I get my lady parts checked out.
The nice thing is that my husband is taking me to Ocean City at the end of the month. I've never been before so I am super excited even though everyone says its a crap-hole. I'm sure I will have fun either way. Unfortunately all my swim suits are very ill-fitting and I really don't feel like getting a new one.
Recently my beautiful adult green lenses (that are now discontinued) are done for, the one got ripped and it is pretty pointless to have only one lens. So after much consideration I bought a pair of geo super nudy blue. I do like them a lot more than what I thought I would but I do wish the color was a bit brighter. The enlargement effect is very significant and they are very comfortable.

Also, they have a very nice halo effect which is usually difficult for me to achieve most of the time. I like this pair a lot.
Recently my skin has cleared up a bit too. I switched to a face wash I had used while in school (neutrogena oil free acne wash) because it had been very effective in the past until I turned 19 and my skin had developed a sensitivity to it. I guess that sensitivity has gone away, good thing too because I was really starting to hate life a lot.

Monday, June 21, 2010

50th post

My husband finally got a new battery for our camera! So no more crappy cell-phone pictures, yay!!

Also today I just put in an order for my first ever bb cream. I am so excited! I've never tried bb cream before and I've wanted to for a long time now. My skin has yet to get better and I do not have a single foundation or decent concealer to help cover my acne.

So yeah, this is my 50th post. As of today I have 19 followers. I hope that I am making my 19 followers happy with my posts even though they lack a lot of life/content. I really want to do more interesting things with my blog in the future such as beauty product reviews, makeup looks, crafty bits and bobs, fashion stuffs, giveaways and not so much boring things. Maybe even do a video one day. I feel like I never have enough time or energy to do any of that. I really don't have an excuse except for maybe lack of knowledge of how to make pretty graphics (which is hardly an excuse at all!). So today, I vow to not post again until it is something I feel is of substance, interest and satisfies MY definition of a satisfactory blog post.

Until then, take care and love!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been rather unkind to me. A lot is going on and in short, a shit-storm has rained massive fury upon me. I'd rather not go into detail but the biggest crapfest of it all was the death of my van's transmission. Unfortunately my husband won't let me keep the mothership even though I had gotten a rather decent quote on the cost to fix it. Details aside, it sucks and the mothership has failed me for the last time. It's not like it wasn't a good vehicle during the time I drove it except for the fact that it was slowly eating the transmission. So now we are sharing one vehicle which I know isn't going to be in his favor for forever. The upside: one less vehicle putting its emissions out there, polluting the air. Enough talk of the shit-storm that was.

Really not much else is going on. I'm trying to get back on top of my crafting so that I can get together a decent inventory for my etsy shop. My poor shop hasn't had any items in it since December. Wow, I really am lazy!
I did finish my owl for the Great Owl Crochet Along (hosted by Itsy Bitsy Spider). All I need to do is send him off for the swap portion. The pattern was super easy to understand and follow so I was able to finish him in one day. However my wrist and hands did not enjoy that at all.
Sorry for the sudden finish, I have to go put my son to bed and finish eating dinner. Goodnight all!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I just felt like posting a makeup look that I did today. Recently I've been rather intrigued by the pink brow look that I tried something similar on myself. I don't have light color brows nor did I feel like lightening or taking them off so I just did a nice line beneath the brow, following the arch. The line starts just behind the start of the brow.

Do I look silly? Maybe. I kinda like it though.
For the eyeshadow I stuck with a periwinkle shimmer. After that I just brushed on some mascara. No liner except for the bit of white on the inside corners to 'wake up' the eyes. Pale nude gloss, red-brownish blush, tinted moisturizer. EOS adult green circle lens.
My skin is still a wreck! Please ignore the wreck that is my skin (and my house)!!

I've had off work all week and it has been really nice being at home with my son. I sure am gonna miss it when my regular work schedule resumes next week. I almost want to say that I want to stay at home all the time with my child but I know how I am. It will be nice for another couple of weeks but then I will become bored and broke. Perhaps boredom is what makes me want to have a job outside the home. Who knows. I'd still like to have an at-home job eventually but right now that doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon.

Until next time, love!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

everything will be okay ... for now

Finally! All the at home drama is over for now. I won't get into the deals today but I will say that everyone has cooled off and everything is going to be okay, even if I do end up going a little crazy from it all.
The good thing is that the recent events have opened up my eyes to what I really want to be doing with my time in order to support my family. I just need to get up off my bum-bum and get things done!!!
Tomorrow I am doing something for the first time, playing golf! My husband was invited by my father to play but he came out and admitted that he didn't like playing golf. So I offered to fill his spot if my dad couldn't find anyone else. And it seems that he was not able to find anyone else so now I am going. I'm a little nervous because I know my brother is going to torment and poke fun at me the entire time. Maybe I'll just revert back to being 6 years old and hit him in the man parts with a club. I know I am more grown up than that but if he wants to act like he's 12 then I have no choice. Hopefully he won't feel like getting his ass kicked by his little sister.

Well, I don't have much else for you this morning. Sorry, maybe tuesday I'll have a great tale about my adventures in golf. Goodbye for now!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

As I am typing my attention whore of a cat is sitting on my lap trying to make this very simple task very challenging as he keeps bumping his head into my hands. Also, his constant weight shifting and position changing isn't helping either. Right at this moment he has decided to drape his body across my arm. Thanks for making this difficult for me kitty. I know you want loving but this isn't the best way to get it. However I do find it funny that my cat tries to force affection out of me in this manner. And he always seems to suceed. **kittie-kittie-kittie-kittie**
Okay, I am free again! Kitters jumped off my lap to go watch birds or something outside.
I wish I had something awesome to tell everyone but I don't. I'm not even sure why I decided to post something. Maybe to get something out but I am not sure what. Normally I would be getting ready for work right now but because of recent events, I am only working saturday and sunday now. With this radical schedule change it is only a matter of time before my employer decides they don't need me anymore and lets me go. Sometimes change is a real bitch.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the lack

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, life has decided to upchuck a whole load of crapiness upon me. At least right now I would like to feel that someone cares as I am not even sure if anyone actually reads my blog. I know I do have some followers but that doesn't guarantee that anyone actually reads or really gives a crap. If you do read this and give a crap then I thank you and admire your willingness to put up with my ramblings.

On the vehicle: my mothership (van) had a bit of an upset a little while back. The check engine light had come on and stayed on so I had to take it to a dealership (really should be call dealer-shit!) to have them run diagnostics. Am I the only one who thinks that $89 per hour is a little over-priced for plugging in a code reading device? I really hope that they did more than that but either way I feel rather taken advantage of for that kind of cost for them to not even fix anything.

So they pull the code and it says that 'ta-da, you need a new transmission!' Wha-what?! Transmission? As in the exact part that costs more than half of the vehicle itself?
Hearing that was like a kick in my imaginary nuts. I say thank you, pay then take myself and the evil monster of a van home. My husband doesn't know what to do, but he just continues to bitch about whatever and nothing gets solved. My father had helped me purchase the van so I call him to see what he thinks we can do. I end up taking the van to the dealership I bought it from, meeting my father there and talk to the people there about my options. We take it back to my parents' house, dad flushes out the transmission and gets it nice and clean then clears out the code for me. (my dad HATES taking cars to a mechanic so he has pretty much learned how to fix cars or at least the ones he owns. i just happen to be lucky that we both own a car from the same manufacturer) So far the light hasn't come back on. It has been about 2 weeks now.

I'm really hoping it doesn't come back on. I don't want to be doomed to have the 'check engine' light on always. My last car had an issue where that light was always on and only went off for emission inspections. The fact that it went off upon approaching an inspection station and went back on as soon as I pulled out of the station was really interesting. I'm sure some of you are thinking 'bullshit, she is making this up!' but I can promise you that what I am saying is true.

The other part of my personal shit storm involves the inevitability of me having to find a new job. My husband doesn't want me working any hours that involve sending our son to a relative's home overnight. He wants me to find someone that I can turn into a career and/or be paid enough to put our child in day care. I don't have any college level education and I am currently paid $8.50/hr as a sales associate. I've worked retail since I was 18.
I am really frustrated at the fact that he wants me to find this job that I am clueless as how to find or what kind of work it is. And really pissed at him because he will not let me utilize my solution to the issue which was simply have a different relative watch our son for the 2 days during the week that I work. I don't know what to do and almost ready to tell him to go fuck himself. I feel that it is really unfair of him to use this situation as an opportunity to make me quit my job. I think he is forgetting that my job pays for all my expenses (car, gas, hobbies) as well as our internet, cable, food, diapers, doctor visits and any other little thing that our son may need.
Ugh, I don't know what to do.

Monday, May 10, 2010


my car might need a new transmission. we will see...

So I am going to seek a second opinion then go from there.

I really hate that I am having to do this. I just dealt with car drama not even a year ago and I am not ready to deal with more. But I guess the mothership has no sympathy for me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

what i wore to maryland wool and sheep festival

Maryland wool and sheep last weekend was awesome! With the exception of the horrendous wait in line, I had a great time and brought home a lovely wool duster with a detachable long handle. I can now dust in places above my head. Yay for a cleaner house!
To the left is my outfit featuring my lovely pink and mint candy striped skirt from I Do Declare. This is my second piece of lolita. I have yet to wear the jsk my husband bought me (first lolita piece). I know those of you who wear lolita often are thinking that I broke many 'rules' with this outfit but I do not care. I felt beautiful and carefree in this and frankly I don't like following rules. And I don't care if that makes me an 'ita'. What does matter to me is that what I wear makes me happy.
I will say that I got many compliments on my skirt and only one strange gawker who took a picture (that I noticed).

Yes, short post today. This week I plan on coloring my hair again or at least more planning to color. So you can expect more talk on hair color and such. LOVE!!

**omg!! I just saw that this is my 42nd post!! If you are a fan of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (book and old bbc show, not necessarily the movie) you will know the significance. haha, Happy 42!**

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

last day off before work

I hate wednesdays. They're like the sundays of everyone who has a normal work week. Sure, it is my day off and I get to relax more but I can't. Knowing about working tomorrow and the stress of getting everything else done that I wanted to is preventing any sort of relaxation I desire. Such is the human condition in all its failed glory.
Thursday means it is 'monday' and of course everyone hates monday. It even sounds like a fucking downer. Maybe before work I'll get up extra early to catch up on my reading and drink obscene amounts of coffee. Then I'll buy a slurpee for the drive. Last week I did that and my thursday was such much better. There is something about the sweet frozen magic of the slurpee that just brightens my day.

This past monday I gave myself blonde and red highlights. Unfortunately it all just kinda turned into this bright red and pinkish mess. Overall it doesn't look that bad but it wasn't what I had envisioned.


I was starting to miss my formerly pink hair anyways. I had a feeling while mixing the color that the universe was gonna make my hair pink again. The only thing that doesn't sit well with me is that my husband prefers my hair blonde. Oh well, too fucking bad. If he wants be to look like a trashy slut (with my dark roots, blonde looks very very whorish) then he can buy me a wig.

My face has improved since I deleted out all the skin products that contain any kinda of silicone. My breakouts are fewer and less severe but I still get them. Though much more manageable I have a feeling that conditions could improve.

Just over the weekend I ordered a pretty lolita skirt. I hope I get it before this saturday, I really want to wear lolita to the wool and sheep festival. Speaking of lolita... I did get my dream dress for winter holiday however I do not have a decent petticoat. The only option I have of one is a fluffy shorter skirt that came from h&m. I would wear that one but I feel like it is too dressy for the fair. Plus casual lolita would be more comfy for me to chase my son around in.


Monday, April 26, 2010

last monday of april

Good morning!!

It has been a little while since I last posted. Mostly because I had to recover from a stomach virus that attacked me at the most inopportune time.
I was helping my dad do some last minute moving and cleaning of their old house when the sickness hit. So I ended up spending my afternoon, evening and next day feeling like complete crap. But I am better now, so that is all that matters.

And my mom liked her kusudama ball. Yay!

Life is right is just exactly that, life. Nothing special really. Working, taking care of the baby, coffee, work, etc.
Unfortunately it really hasn't allowed ample time for some serious crafting time for my etsy shop. Poor shop has been empty for a couple of months now. So it looks like I am gonna have to ease up on the swap-botting for a while so I can focus more on the direction/progress of my handmade shop. Lately I've been thinking of expanding into bath bombs and lotions. Maybe even soap but I want to keep it simple for now. But first I must make new crochet items and jewelry!

I'm gonna color my hair today as well. I realized last night it looks super crappy. I hate having to do it so soon but oh well. It MUST be done!

Here's a quick before shot (what it looks like right now):

I know it doesn't look that bad but the base color on the ends is super faded. It looks bad.
I'm gonna add more blonde highlights and some red highlights. I know that doesn't exactly sound like it will cover the fading but it will at least blend it. I'll post again later with the results.

Weather here is rainy and sad. I hate rainy weather. I'll try to make the best of it though.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


This lovely ball of paper and glitter took my FOREVER to make. In this instance, forever = 2 weeks of paper and pain!! Had I actually worked on it continuously, maybe just a couple of hours. However trying to work on anything with a 2 year old wanting to show me something every 5 seconds means that it will get done in super-slow human speed.

I hope my parents like their paper ball on a string.

Hello everyone! Just to let you know, I am not dead. Lately, I've been feeling a sort of 'blogger's block' and just not feeling like posting anything. Creativity has been at a high for once but just not in the blogging department. But that is about to change!! I plan on being more active with my blog and hopefully more active with an overall social life. I need to crawl out from under my rock I've been hiding under.
Until I say so, all my pictures will be kinda crappy (the ones I take). That is because the only camera I have at the moment is my sad little cell phone. I'm saving up for something better and hopefully I'll have it sooner than later. Either way, I won't be apologizing for my crappy pictures every time I post one. You're just gonna have to deal.

This week is gonna be a busy one for me. I'm helping my parents clean out the house they just moved out of and helping them get settled in their new one. That's right, I haven't said yet... they just bought a house! For the first time in years!! I'm really happy for them and really proud of them for making such a big financial commitment after all the crap they have been through. They really deserve a home to call their own.
I made a kusudama ball as a house-warming gift. It kinda looks a little silly since I'm covering it in glitter. My mom needs something bright and sparkly to hang in her home.

That is all for now, I have to get ready for my day-job. Booo!! Love!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

silly nail salons ...

Today, I decided on getting a set of acrylic nails done for the first time since before I became pregnant. Now I have done a few sets on myself since then but those don't count because not a single one lasted longer than a set of press-on nails. Sad I know, considering I went to school to learn how to do that crap.

Soooo... I did my minimal amount of 'homework' of the matter, searched a few areas nearby, read reviews and so on. The lucky salon that I graced my presence with, Elite Nails (Ellicott City). I chose them because I couldn't find a single bad review on them. However, the most I found was 2.

Based on the reviews I expected to find what I normally encounter at these types of salons.
When I walked in, it was exactly that minus a few tid-bits.

First, and this one is big with me for some reason, there was the absolute minimum of decoration of the actual salon. Yes, I know the outside of the building wasn't very pretty but that doesn't mean the inside has to be ugly too. Basically it was blank white walls, a few mirrors and a couple of fake ferns around the register area. I really like going to a salon that is pretty. Room aesthetics and visuals are important to me in order for a good/relaxing experience. No one wants to stare at a blank white wall when they're having something done. Right then I knew I was gonna be bored.
Choosing a polish was not easy as they didn't seem to have much of a selection. And all of the bottles looked super old and crusty. Yes, crusty. There was also some obvious discoloration amongst a few colors too. I settled with an opi that didn't look too gross.
I do like the fact that the girl didn't over etch my nails with her drill. I don't like that she put just enough acrylic to cover my nail. Or that she got monomer all over my finger tips and cuticles. And in the middle of the service she stopped to go wax someone's eyebrows. I waited for almost 15 minutes until she came back. Then, while buffing the acrylic (with that trusty drill), she nicked my cuticles a few times. I didn't bleed much but it still hurt quite a bit. The entire time I was tense from fear of getting cut or her drilling off all the acrylic.
While she was away doing the other person's waxing job, I had a chance to look over everything at her station. Looked fairly clean but I noticed the labels on what I am hoping was nail primer was almost completely scratched off. The top coat was contaminated with color and there was an opi bottle filled with what looked like cuticle oil. Everything else was in a generic clear plastic bottle and about half of them were labeled.
I'm all for recycling but please put a new label on it because not only does state board require it but it helps keeps everything more organized and there is no guessing on what that mystery liquid is.
The cuticle oil that was actually used on me smelled like cooking oil mixed with perfume. Nice.
The tech didn't do a horrible job but she didn't do the best either. I've had better. She kept filing of the natural nail minimal and she gets kudos for that but nothing beyond.

There were lots of other things I noticed that I won't mention only because they seem trivial and not worth dishing about. I realize that everyone has a right to run their business how they see fit and I may not always agree. I'm just expressing what I feel and my preferences for such services.
I can't say I would like to go back there because I don't want to. It was cheap service and nothing more.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow day!!!

I got out of laboring for the man today to 'enjoy' the snow. Right. Enjoy.
There is just something about 2+ feet of snow that just completely wipes out the word enjoy.

I colored my hair.. oh no! I decided on a nice deep brown with red tones to go with the dark winter weather. Closer to the end of the month I may go and have my stylist do something colorful to my head, I just need to decide on what. In the spring I do want to have highlights done. At least I have that much figured out.

A little while ago my skin decided to explode on me. It really makes me sad when I wake up to a face full of acne. This skin problem is really wearing on my self esteem and adding to my depression. I'm a f*ing adult, I shouldn't have this problem!! This last week I've been just cleansing and moisturizing. It has calmed down a bit but I don't know what I am gonna do for the long term. Moisturizing is most likely helping and I'd like to pick up a nice oil-free lotion/cream but I don't know what to get. I'm trying to decide on either Clinique Moisturesurge(used a sample of this and really liked it) or trying some vitacreamB12. I can tell my skin is really liking the moisture because of the 'ahh' feeling I get when I put it on.

Other news: I got my first lolita dress!!!! My husband bought me a rose melody jsk in the merry go round print. It finally arrived a few days ago. It fits perfectly too, so happy!! Now I just need to get a petticoat and some nice shoes to go with. I do have a pair I could wear buuuuuut I could also use a new pair of boots since my old ones (that I have had since I was 16) are falling apart.
I didn't buy a petticoat initially because I thought I could use my longer tutu. Unfortunately it is too long and my shorter tutu makes my butt look weird as it fluffs in all the wrong places.

My newest pair of circle lenses also arrived not too long ago. I got the dizon eye in aqua. The aqua color does blend very nicely with my green eyes but I was given the impression of there being more color on the lens because of the pictures of the lens. I bought them from I can't say I would buy from them again mostly because it took forever to get the lenses as they do batch ordering. (i ordered them back in december)
Before these I bought a pair of eos adult violet lenses. Note to people with green eyes, violet lenses look weird over green! Or at least they look weird on me. I like the pattern of the lens but the violet just doesn't suit me well.

That's it for now of my meaningless bloggering... happy snow day everyone!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gonads and Strife!

Sorry everyone for not posting for so long, depression is a bitch.
I've been dealing with my depression ever since I was in middle school. There has been a lot in my life to set me off and maybe the cause but I also know that it is, unfortunately, hereditary. I'm not saying that as an excuse, the individuals in my family that are also stricken with an unhealthy mind have found help and continue to thrive. They're part of the reason I haven't given up. The other reasons are of course, my son and husband.

Anyways, if I haven't said it before.... HAPPY FREAKIN' NEW YEAR!!!!
I didn't get wasted so I did not take part in national hangover day. I did have a few drinks, very much had a good time and that is what counts. Now onto the resolutions...

* get healthier and lose weight
* be more consistent! - this then segways into a million other resolutions but this one pretty much covers the rest

I'd say rather simple but once you think about it, they're not as simple as they look. Consistency really translates as forming new, better habits such as keeping the house cleaner instead of waiting until it looks like a tornado hit the place. So far, I did well for about 2 weeks and now the place is looking quite messy again. So I bet you can guess what I will be doing for the rest of today.
As far as the losing weight and getting healthy, I am definitely doing better. There are less sweets in the house, loads more fruits and veggies and I've already lost a couple of lbs. I hope to eventually lower my cholesterol (i've had this issue for many years, yuck!) and be at a nice 95 - 105 lbs. And just so no one is freaking out at that number, I am only 5 feet tall. I'd have to weigh 75 for me to be really unhealthy.

I also want to involve myself more into the crafting/handmade goods world. Everyday I come across new little things that I want to try to make and tend to get a little upset with myself that I don't make the time and effort to do those things. Some of these things I can even get my son involved so it wouldn't take away from our time together. But to do all that I need to A) have a clean, organized place in which to do so and B) have the materials needed. B isn't really an issue. but A is most important and also goes along with the fact that I need to clean on a more regular basis. I guess I just don't want to end up cleaning all the time and end up being miserable and dull because all I do is clean.
I have already planned out a time line of which I must have designs and made goods for the 'spring collection' for my etsy shop. I will stick with it and hopefully it will help generate more interest in the shop. Eventually, I would like that shop to replace my job so I can be a stay at home mom and still contribute financially. Freelance hair, nail and skin services maybe in my future too but I want to own a house first. That way, I can install a nice wet/dry station to make my work a little easier. Having my own salon someday might be nice, but something on a scale that large does make me a little uneasy.

This blog also deserves a little more time and attention as well and that is what I plan to give it. I hope to do a new post every week. Annnd... a giveaway is in the near future.

If you don't understand the title of this post, this will clear up any confusion.

Monday, January 11, 2010

no motivation

that is what depression does. it is ugly and it drags me into a deep, dark hole and keeps me there. lately, i've been going through some emotional issues and it has prevented me from giving this blog the attention it deserves.
right now, i feel my thoughts are nothing important to share despite my desire to share with everyone the little things that run through my head.

so i'm taking a small break. i need to recharge.

i will still be reading and maybe commenting some.

take care and love