Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow day!!!

I got out of laboring for the man today to 'enjoy' the snow. Right. Enjoy.
There is just something about 2+ feet of snow that just completely wipes out the word enjoy.

I colored my hair.. oh no! I decided on a nice deep brown with red tones to go with the dark winter weather. Closer to the end of the month I may go and have my stylist do something colorful to my head, I just need to decide on what. In the spring I do want to have highlights done. At least I have that much figured out.

A little while ago my skin decided to explode on me. It really makes me sad when I wake up to a face full of acne. This skin problem is really wearing on my self esteem and adding to my depression. I'm a f*ing adult, I shouldn't have this problem!! This last week I've been just cleansing and moisturizing. It has calmed down a bit but I don't know what I am gonna do for the long term. Moisturizing is most likely helping and I'd like to pick up a nice oil-free lotion/cream but I don't know what to get. I'm trying to decide on either Clinique Moisturesurge(used a sample of this and really liked it) or trying some vitacreamB12. I can tell my skin is really liking the moisture because of the 'ahh' feeling I get when I put it on.

Other news: I got my first lolita dress!!!! My husband bought me a rose melody jsk in the merry go round print. It finally arrived a few days ago. It fits perfectly too, so happy!! Now I just need to get a petticoat and some nice shoes to go with. I do have a pair I could wear buuuuuut I could also use a new pair of boots since my old ones (that I have had since I was 16) are falling apart.
I didn't buy a petticoat initially because I thought I could use my longer tutu. Unfortunately it is too long and my shorter tutu makes my butt look weird as it fluffs in all the wrong places.

My newest pair of circle lenses also arrived not too long ago. I got the dizon eye in aqua. The aqua color does blend very nicely with my green eyes but I was given the impression of there being more color on the lens because of the pictures of the lens. I bought them from I can't say I would buy from them again mostly because it took forever to get the lenses as they do batch ordering. (i ordered them back in december)
Before these I bought a pair of eos adult violet lenses. Note to people with green eyes, violet lenses look weird over green! Or at least they look weird on me. I like the pattern of the lens but the violet just doesn't suit me well.

That's it for now of my meaningless bloggering... happy snow day everyone!

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  1. I love the circle lenses, it makes my eyes look bigger than it actually is. Yah it's never nice to wake up with pimples, for me if I eat certain foods I will guaraentee a breakout the next day!