Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello everyone! Just to let you know, I am not dead. Lately, I've been feeling a sort of 'blogger's block' and just not feeling like posting anything. Creativity has been at a high for once but just not in the blogging department. But that is about to change!! I plan on being more active with my blog and hopefully more active with an overall social life. I need to crawl out from under my rock I've been hiding under.
Until I say so, all my pictures will be kinda crappy (the ones I take). That is because the only camera I have at the moment is my sad little cell phone. I'm saving up for something better and hopefully I'll have it sooner than later. Either way, I won't be apologizing for my crappy pictures every time I post one. You're just gonna have to deal.

This week is gonna be a busy one for me. I'm helping my parents clean out the house they just moved out of and helping them get settled in their new one. That's right, I haven't said yet... they just bought a house! For the first time in years!! I'm really happy for them and really proud of them for making such a big financial commitment after all the crap they have been through. They really deserve a home to call their own.
I made a kusudama ball as a house-warming gift. It kinda looks a little silly since I'm covering it in glitter. My mom needs something bright and sparkly to hang in her home.

That is all for now, I have to get ready for my day-job. Booo!! Love!!!!

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