Wednesday, April 28, 2010

last day off before work

I hate wednesdays. They're like the sundays of everyone who has a normal work week. Sure, it is my day off and I get to relax more but I can't. Knowing about working tomorrow and the stress of getting everything else done that I wanted to is preventing any sort of relaxation I desire. Such is the human condition in all its failed glory.
Thursday means it is 'monday' and of course everyone hates monday. It even sounds like a fucking downer. Maybe before work I'll get up extra early to catch up on my reading and drink obscene amounts of coffee. Then I'll buy a slurpee for the drive. Last week I did that and my thursday was such much better. There is something about the sweet frozen magic of the slurpee that just brightens my day.

This past monday I gave myself blonde and red highlights. Unfortunately it all just kinda turned into this bright red and pinkish mess. Overall it doesn't look that bad but it wasn't what I had envisioned.


I was starting to miss my formerly pink hair anyways. I had a feeling while mixing the color that the universe was gonna make my hair pink again. The only thing that doesn't sit well with me is that my husband prefers my hair blonde. Oh well, too fucking bad. If he wants be to look like a trashy slut (with my dark roots, blonde looks very very whorish) then he can buy me a wig.

My face has improved since I deleted out all the skin products that contain any kinda of silicone. My breakouts are fewer and less severe but I still get them. Though much more manageable I have a feeling that conditions could improve.

Just over the weekend I ordered a pretty lolita skirt. I hope I get it before this saturday, I really want to wear lolita to the wool and sheep festival. Speaking of lolita... I did get my dream dress for winter holiday however I do not have a decent petticoat. The only option I have of one is a fluffy shorter skirt that came from h&m. I would wear that one but I feel like it is too dressy for the fair. Plus casual lolita would be more comfy for me to chase my son around in.


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  1. congrats on your skin clearing up! I can't wait to see your lolita skirt, make sure you post some pics :D