Sunday, May 30, 2010

everything will be okay ... for now

Finally! All the at home drama is over for now. I won't get into the deals today but I will say that everyone has cooled off and everything is going to be okay, even if I do end up going a little crazy from it all.
The good thing is that the recent events have opened up my eyes to what I really want to be doing with my time in order to support my family. I just need to get up off my bum-bum and get things done!!!
Tomorrow I am doing something for the first time, playing golf! My husband was invited by my father to play but he came out and admitted that he didn't like playing golf. So I offered to fill his spot if my dad couldn't find anyone else. And it seems that he was not able to find anyone else so now I am going. I'm a little nervous because I know my brother is going to torment and poke fun at me the entire time. Maybe I'll just revert back to being 6 years old and hit him in the man parts with a club. I know I am more grown up than that but if he wants to act like he's 12 then I have no choice. Hopefully he won't feel like getting his ass kicked by his little sister.

Well, I don't have much else for you this morning. Sorry, maybe tuesday I'll have a great tale about my adventures in golf. Goodbye for now!!


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  1. I hope everything will go better for you and that you had fun at golf! Golf is such a relaxing sport and lol about clubbing your bro with the clubs