Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the lack

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, life has decided to upchuck a whole load of crapiness upon me. At least right now I would like to feel that someone cares as I am not even sure if anyone actually reads my blog. I know I do have some followers but that doesn't guarantee that anyone actually reads or really gives a crap. If you do read this and give a crap then I thank you and admire your willingness to put up with my ramblings.

On the vehicle: my mothership (van) had a bit of an upset a little while back. The check engine light had come on and stayed on so I had to take it to a dealership (really should be call dealer-shit!) to have them run diagnostics. Am I the only one who thinks that $89 per hour is a little over-priced for plugging in a code reading device? I really hope that they did more than that but either way I feel rather taken advantage of for that kind of cost for them to not even fix anything.

So they pull the code and it says that 'ta-da, you need a new transmission!' Wha-what?! Transmission? As in the exact part that costs more than half of the vehicle itself?
Hearing that was like a kick in my imaginary nuts. I say thank you, pay then take myself and the evil monster of a van home. My husband doesn't know what to do, but he just continues to bitch about whatever and nothing gets solved. My father had helped me purchase the van so I call him to see what he thinks we can do. I end up taking the van to the dealership I bought it from, meeting my father there and talk to the people there about my options. We take it back to my parents' house, dad flushes out the transmission and gets it nice and clean then clears out the code for me. (my dad HATES taking cars to a mechanic so he has pretty much learned how to fix cars or at least the ones he owns. i just happen to be lucky that we both own a car from the same manufacturer) So far the light hasn't come back on. It has been about 2 weeks now.

I'm really hoping it doesn't come back on. I don't want to be doomed to have the 'check engine' light on always. My last car had an issue where that light was always on and only went off for emission inspections. The fact that it went off upon approaching an inspection station and went back on as soon as I pulled out of the station was really interesting. I'm sure some of you are thinking 'bullshit, she is making this up!' but I can promise you that what I am saying is true.

The other part of my personal shit storm involves the inevitability of me having to find a new job. My husband doesn't want me working any hours that involve sending our son to a relative's home overnight. He wants me to find someone that I can turn into a career and/or be paid enough to put our child in day care. I don't have any college level education and I am currently paid $8.50/hr as a sales associate. I've worked retail since I was 18.
I am really frustrated at the fact that he wants me to find this job that I am clueless as how to find or what kind of work it is. And really pissed at him because he will not let me utilize my solution to the issue which was simply have a different relative watch our son for the 2 days during the week that I work. I don't know what to do and almost ready to tell him to go fuck himself. I feel that it is really unfair of him to use this situation as an opportunity to make me quit my job. I think he is forgetting that my job pays for all my expenses (car, gas, hobbies) as well as our internet, cable, food, diapers, doctor visits and any other little thing that our son may need.
Ugh, I don't know what to do.

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