Monday, June 21, 2010

50th post

My husband finally got a new battery for our camera! So no more crappy cell-phone pictures, yay!!

Also today I just put in an order for my first ever bb cream. I am so excited! I've never tried bb cream before and I've wanted to for a long time now. My skin has yet to get better and I do not have a single foundation or decent concealer to help cover my acne.

So yeah, this is my 50th post. As of today I have 19 followers. I hope that I am making my 19 followers happy with my posts even though they lack a lot of life/content. I really want to do more interesting things with my blog in the future such as beauty product reviews, makeup looks, crafty bits and bobs, fashion stuffs, giveaways and not so much boring things. Maybe even do a video one day. I feel like I never have enough time or energy to do any of that. I really don't have an excuse except for maybe lack of knowledge of how to make pretty graphics (which is hardly an excuse at all!). So today, I vow to not post again until it is something I feel is of substance, interest and satisfies MY definition of a satisfactory blog post.

Until then, take care and love!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been rather unkind to me. A lot is going on and in short, a shit-storm has rained massive fury upon me. I'd rather not go into detail but the biggest crapfest of it all was the death of my van's transmission. Unfortunately my husband won't let me keep the mothership even though I had gotten a rather decent quote on the cost to fix it. Details aside, it sucks and the mothership has failed me for the last time. It's not like it wasn't a good vehicle during the time I drove it except for the fact that it was slowly eating the transmission. So now we are sharing one vehicle which I know isn't going to be in his favor for forever. The upside: one less vehicle putting its emissions out there, polluting the air. Enough talk of the shit-storm that was.

Really not much else is going on. I'm trying to get back on top of my crafting so that I can get together a decent inventory for my etsy shop. My poor shop hasn't had any items in it since December. Wow, I really am lazy!
I did finish my owl for the Great Owl Crochet Along (hosted by Itsy Bitsy Spider). All I need to do is send him off for the swap portion. The pattern was super easy to understand and follow so I was able to finish him in one day. However my wrist and hands did not enjoy that at all.
Sorry for the sudden finish, I have to go put my son to bed and finish eating dinner. Goodnight all!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I just felt like posting a makeup look that I did today. Recently I've been rather intrigued by the pink brow look that I tried something similar on myself. I don't have light color brows nor did I feel like lightening or taking them off so I just did a nice line beneath the brow, following the arch. The line starts just behind the start of the brow.

Do I look silly? Maybe. I kinda like it though.
For the eyeshadow I stuck with a periwinkle shimmer. After that I just brushed on some mascara. No liner except for the bit of white on the inside corners to 'wake up' the eyes. Pale nude gloss, red-brownish blush, tinted moisturizer. EOS adult green circle lens.
My skin is still a wreck! Please ignore the wreck that is my skin (and my house)!!

I've had off work all week and it has been really nice being at home with my son. I sure am gonna miss it when my regular work schedule resumes next week. I almost want to say that I want to stay at home all the time with my child but I know how I am. It will be nice for another couple of weeks but then I will become bored and broke. Perhaps boredom is what makes me want to have a job outside the home. Who knows. I'd still like to have an at-home job eventually but right now that doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon.

Until next time, love!