Monday, June 21, 2010

50th post

My husband finally got a new battery for our camera! So no more crappy cell-phone pictures, yay!!

Also today I just put in an order for my first ever bb cream. I am so excited! I've never tried bb cream before and I've wanted to for a long time now. My skin has yet to get better and I do not have a single foundation or decent concealer to help cover my acne.

So yeah, this is my 50th post. As of today I have 19 followers. I hope that I am making my 19 followers happy with my posts even though they lack a lot of life/content. I really want to do more interesting things with my blog in the future such as beauty product reviews, makeup looks, crafty bits and bobs, fashion stuffs, giveaways and not so much boring things. Maybe even do a video one day. I feel like I never have enough time or energy to do any of that. I really don't have an excuse except for maybe lack of knowledge of how to make pretty graphics (which is hardly an excuse at all!). So today, I vow to not post again until it is something I feel is of substance, interest and satisfies MY definition of a satisfactory blog post.

Until then, take care and love!!!

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  1. congrats on your 50th post! hope you will post something soon and yes I agree quality over quanitity :D and thanks for your comment, yeah jessica alba needs to stick with modeling haha