Friday, June 4, 2010


I just felt like posting a makeup look that I did today. Recently I've been rather intrigued by the pink brow look that I tried something similar on myself. I don't have light color brows nor did I feel like lightening or taking them off so I just did a nice line beneath the brow, following the arch. The line starts just behind the start of the brow.

Do I look silly? Maybe. I kinda like it though.
For the eyeshadow I stuck with a periwinkle shimmer. After that I just brushed on some mascara. No liner except for the bit of white on the inside corners to 'wake up' the eyes. Pale nude gloss, red-brownish blush, tinted moisturizer. EOS adult green circle lens.
My skin is still a wreck! Please ignore the wreck that is my skin (and my house)!!

I've had off work all week and it has been really nice being at home with my son. I sure am gonna miss it when my regular work schedule resumes next week. I almost want to say that I want to stay at home all the time with my child but I know how I am. It will be nice for another couple of weeks but then I will become bored and broke. Perhaps boredom is what makes me want to have a job outside the home. Who knows. I'd still like to have an at-home job eventually but right now that doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon.

Until next time, love!

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