Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August fun, well not really

This month is proving to be very troublesome. First my son claims he has swallowed a battery. Results in very freaked out me and hospital visit. Then last weekend I get sick with a uti and pain from a ovarian cyst. Not to mention I still feel very very tired. So that was another hospital visit. Then yesterday my cat decides to pee in random places because he HATES the new litter I bought and he is limping. Took him to the vet, she prescribes pain medication for him for a possible sprain. AND I had to buy him more of his old litter so he would use his box again. Now I still need to make an appointment with an ob/gyn. The crappy thing about that is being about to find someone to watch my son while I get my lady parts checked out.
The nice thing is that my husband is taking me to Ocean City at the end of the month. I've never been before so I am super excited even though everyone says its a crap-hole. I'm sure I will have fun either way. Unfortunately all my swim suits are very ill-fitting and I really don't feel like getting a new one.
Recently my beautiful adult green lenses (that are now discontinued) are done for, the one got ripped and it is pretty pointless to have only one lens. So after much consideration I bought a pair of geo super nudy blue. I do like them a lot more than what I thought I would but I do wish the color was a bit brighter. The enlargement effect is very significant and they are very comfortable.

Also, they have a very nice halo effect which is usually difficult for me to achieve most of the time. I like this pair a lot.
Recently my skin has cleared up a bit too. I switched to a face wash I had used while in school (neutrogena oil free acne wash) because it had been very effective in the past until I turned 19 and my skin had developed a sensitivity to it. I guess that sensitivity has gone away, good thing too because I was really starting to hate life a lot.

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