Tuesday, September 28, 2010

recent stuff & t.top ice flower blue

Wow, it has been a little while since I've done any blog posts. Life sure can get in the way. The last few weeks I was helping my father-in-law's fiance get ready for their wedding last weekend. I got to do her hair and makeup! I had a great time doing that and everything turned out beautifully. Also my little family is preparing to move in November. I'm very excited to be moving. A change of scenery is just the thing I need right now.

At my work, one of the hair care brands introduced a new service to perform that is basically a semi-permanent thermal keratin treatment (they call it a 'keratin glaze'). I did one on my mom and new step-mom-in-law (geez, wordy huh? but what else do i call her??) and they absolutely love it. So from that alone, I've been getting lots of people asking me to do it for them too. I'd really like to do the brazilian blowout (I am certified for it) for them but that treatment is expensive. The brazilian blowout lasts up to 10 weeks compared to the 6 shampoos of the keratin glaze.

I love love circle lenses! Ever since I discovered them, I've been addicted. So lately, I've been wanting to try a lens that was a bit different looking than the ones I currently have (eos adult green & geo super nudy blue). T.top's ice flower seemed like a good choice because of the intricate design and thick outer ring. I chose the blue because I felt that it would blend best with my brownish-green eyes.

A view of the lenses in the vials before opening.

The vials with the cute animal case it came with. I bought my lenses from pinky paradise.

Lenses in case. Here you can faintly see the blue. I can't lie, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of color. They seemed more vibrant in the pictures.

With flash.

Without flash.

Full view. Please don't mind my hair! I was having a lazy hair day!

Overall, I will say that I do like these lenses. Maybe not love right now, they might grow on me later but they do look very nice. They are definitely very very comfortable which was a very pleasant surprise. Most of the time it takes a little while for my eyes to adjust to having lens on them as they are sensitive. These t.top lens feel very moist and natural.
I do wish the blue color showed up more. The color is sheer. It is nice so it blends with my eyes better but unless you are up in my eyes, you won't notice the color hardly at all.

Let me know if you enjoyed my lens review! I might do another sometime in December, after we are done moving.

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