Friday, November 26, 2010

please stop looking at me like that

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job location. I am getting a transfer to a closer store next week. I would try to show more excitement right now (because I really am very happy about it) but I am very tired.
I thought I actually had something to blog about but now that I am actually doing it, everything escapes my mind. Grrr.
And I have no idea what I am getting for my husband for Christmas.

My throat has been hurting today too. I just had an upper respiratory infection last month. Sickness seems to follow me this year.

The neutrogena oil-free acne wash never solved anything for my face. After some research, I started taking zinc and using clinique. Definite improvement so far.
Having acne as an adult is really hard sometimes. Most days I can ignore it and avoid mirrors but I don't like living like that because I like putting on makeup, thus requiring the use of a mirror. Makeup doesn't always cover it. No matter how blended and covered everything is, you can still see the bumps. Or if somethings happens to poke a tender one. Yeah, hurts a lot. The thing about having adult acne that bothers me the most is when other people point it out to me and then lecture me on proper skincare followed by 'you need to see a dermatologist'. Yes, I do know this but I have no health insurance to help pay for the costly visits. Not to mention that it is completely out of my budget to do so mostly in part that I have a child I am trying to provide for. I guess they feel they are trying to help but it is like they are completely unaware that their commenting to me only makes me feel worse.

Time to go get some sleep, goodnight everyone!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

it's the f*ing holidays ...

So, while I was gone (yet again! consistency is just not my thing) we moved and I went back to pink hair. I decided that I love pink hair more than regular hair and if I ever want regular hair for any reason to just wear a wig. Nothing will ever make me color my hair brown ever again. Viva la pink hair betchzzzz!

My camera is missing for the time being too. I'll come across it again when we are finished unpacking. Another thing I realized while unpacking, I don't have nearly as much makeup as I thought I had and I have way more hair product than I really should ever have. It seems that my bathroom is being taken over by styling product. Note to self: don't buy anymore styling product ever again! I could say that goes for nail polish too but there are too many colors in the rainbow of my soul for that to ever happen.

And the fact that the holidays are upon us is sorta stressful too. Just thinking about the holiday music that plays on the radio at work makes me cringe. For me, it is mostly the music that gets to me. It is seasonal torture I say!

Now something for you to look at. Let's see...